How the Church of Scientology abandons in the hour of need, to die alone and penniless, those who are the most vulnerable and desperate.


Call it for what it is: Complete callousness toward the dying and depraved Indifference toward those who have “outlived their usefulness”.

Sometimes around the advent of its “Golden Age”, the Church of Scientology has implemented a policy of Denying Help and/or assistance to the dying.

In the 1980s terminally ill parishioners who had paid vast fortunes into the Church Coffers were still being given counseling (auditing), though they were made to sign waivers and releases. This is how I came to audit the late Betty Filisky (Solo NOTs Completion #1) in 1987. At age 57, she was dying of Cancer. I am authorized to state at this point that she was entirely disaffected with the Senior Management of the Church after she had seen how they had behaved like bullies and thugs toward many good meaning people, including many personal friends of L. Ron Hubbard.

The Snr C/S FSO, the late Richard Reiss, blamed her illness on her disaffection, though there are no LRH references explaining how disaffection can makes someone deadly ill. But that was the politically acceptable comment to make.

The truth is that Oppression (Suppression toward people who are denied the right to defend themselves or speak out against abuses) is one of the key things that makes people ill. There are dozens of LRH references pointing to that fact. Even common sense, when one describes the Oppression by its key attribute: Stress, agrees with this as well.

Last year three times, I was asked to come to the bed of a dying person that I had last audited between 20 and 30  years earlier, because the Church they still officially belonged to (The Church of Scientology) had callously denied them the right to receive their last rites for no better reason that they now viewed them as a potential liability and a burden. Simply stated, the Church of Scientology has the peculiar view, unique among any religious organization, I have ever heard of, that it primarily exists for its own benefit and to satisfy its private interests (and those of its leaders) well ahead of those of any of its faithfuls. In that respect, the Church of Scientology acts entirely and solely like a FOR PROFIT ORGANIZATION while using loopholes within the law to parade as a Church. The reasons for Scientology being a Church have nothing to do with its daily actions and entirely with financial and monetary gain.

Listening to nothing but my Heart, I made arrangements to fly to Europe at my own expense, as all three of the dying resided there and were broke. At least, my actions allowed three good people to die with dignity and I was able to provide some comfort for their family and survivors.

I had audited the first one of them for the last time 25 years earlier and because I had left the Church shortly after, we had never spoken since. That person had remained entirely faithful to the Church until the moment she had been ditched by the Church as a potential liability for having an inoperable tumor and “having outlived her usefulness”.

Now on her death bed and unwilling to be abandoned to her fate by the Church of Scientology who viewed her as nothing more than a useless rotting piece of meat: a carcass to be, she asked for her relatives to find the person who had always been there for her when we both were at Flag and been vastly more successful than anyone else in helping her through auditing. That person was me.

She was extremely glad to see me. Her first words were:”Pierre! you came! I am so glad! You have helped me so much…” I provided her with the help that she needed and her well deserved last rites. Within 48 hours she departed peacefully from her body after an agony that had lasted too long already.

In another country I met an elderly individual who had once been a truly brilliant executive and many decades ago a close confidante of L. Ron Hubbard, someone whose name can be heard on many LRH conferences from the 1950s. Sadly a degenerative disease had ravaged their life and body. I was able to provide effective counselling and assistance to that individual to the point that the care providers told me I had made a difference  for the better.

The third one lived in a country where Scientology is unknown.

That person was now deadly ill and no cure could be found. Years earlier, under David Miscavige guidance, teenage CMO Messengers had treated that person with wanton disrespect for his dignity as a Human being. That prompted the individual to leave.

The Church of Scientology viewed that extremely able and ethical individual as “useless” and an ENEMY, merely for the fact that he had departed the Sea Org while still following all of their rules on leaving. I was invited to deliver an Assist as the family knew I did not apply KSW (Keep Scientology Working Policies)  destructively like the Church of Scientology now specializes itself in. His influential family and the Head of State of that country both arranged for the most competent doctor they could find to help that “Enemy of the Church”. It is little wonder after the leaders of that country had been appraised of the Violation of Human rights on their own citizens by the Church of Scientology, that all Scientology books have now been officially banned from both bookstores and Libraries in that country, because they are viewed as the product of “an Extremist Organization”. I was successful in helping that individual as well.

I had very little sympathy when someone called me direct from the latest Freezone convention and boasted about awards and trophies they had just handed out to people who are top PR artists but horrible auditors when one is actually allowed to examine their session reports. Coincidentally one of the awards recipients had just abandoned a suicidal pc behind and left another go to a psychiatrist mid-intensive and put on anti-psychotics. Neither that auditor nor the Freezone Convention organizers felt the slightest guilt feeling.

I told them that I was on an errand of Mercy at my own expense because it was the right to do: to help those who gave several decades of their lives to help others and LRH develop the technology so that we can all use it, nor merely financially benefit from it, as too many people both in the Church and the Independent field seem to do. The reason I went to help those people was largely because they were too broke to pay my expenses because nobody else in the Church or the Freezone/Independent Field was willing to do it. I had spent many hours cramped in Economy Airplane seats, slept on uncomfortable couches, ate processed food because it was the only thing available, while some of those “award winners” basked in luxurious accommodations and quietly swept their overt products under the carpet.

That person I told this to, went on repeating what I had just said.  I was assigned subsequently lower conditions and told I was a “LIABILITY TO THE FREEZONE” by the self-appointed FREEZONE PR, when I declined to cover up for the auditor whose pcs became suicidal or defected to psychiatry mid intensive and for refusing to stay silent about another one who keeps being invited as guest of honor to events, but is documented to be a child molester. The self-appointed Freezone PR has declared me FAIR GAME since and encouraged both his auditor and those who finance him and pay for his own auditing to do the same.

Judging on the resulting natter, it seems that I missed a lot of withholds that day.

This is why no matter how much natter, lies, rumors and sordid tales the tormented souls whose withholds were missed that night, or other nights, I stand tall whenever I look at my actual actions and motives.

Pierre Ethier

(c) 2013


The voice of the victim of a Class VIII speaks louder than just words.

Somehow the voice of the victim has been ignored by PR artists promoting  the abuser.


Pierre_Ethier-Scientology-Class-XIIThe Church of Scientology promotes Hatred, Discrimination and vilification of anyone who has the guts to expose it to the light of Truth.

All I have done so far is to communicate publicly for them to knock off their Evil ways and to cooperate in ethical and honest ways to promote the spiritual Freedom of individuals. All my communications addressed to the Church and its agents and puppets so far, have fallen on deaf ears.

It is costing them their shirt: Church membership has dwindled by 60% in the past 10 years alone. Their Magazines (Auditor, Advance,Source, Freewinds) betray the true numbers. One has merely to compare the statistics of completions and the names to discover some disturbing facts:

1- The Number of Completions to Major Levels and Rundowns is on a continuous decline, which contradict the generalities and soaring graphs with no scale nor reference points published at events. The events themselves are largely boycotted by its public, which has prompted Senior Management to hire busloads of Extras (non scientologists generic actors) to give the illusion of attendance. Virtually every photo of a crowd at events is photoshopped to multiply its size. It has become so gross that in some cases even a casual observer can discover it on his own.

Doctored promo: Headless man appears 3 times, once with no head, ghostly woman also 3 times and once without a head, the people top right corner and far right are actually proportionately smaller, like hobbits, and the female with the red top is there twice

2- The organizations are almost entirely deserted.  Except for a few large organizations, most Class IV Org around the world have less than a dozen staff. Some of the same organizations had upward of 100 staff in the late 1970s.

3- When David Miscavige high-jacked Scientology resources to defend himself in a copy of Freedom Magazine 2 years ago, the following points could be observed. For each mention of L. Ron Hubbard, David Miscavige name was mentioned three times. Nowhere was there a mention of the TRUE statistics of Scientology; CLEARS AND OTs (because these statistics are dreadfully low and on a steady decline).The only statistics mentioned were the number of square feet and value of Real Estate Property under the Church control. It clearly shows that the Church is primarily interested in the acquisition of wealth.Nowhere does Spiritual Freedom come in the equation any more.

It has been well documented that acquisition of Real Estate property is meant to be distraction for the few remaining faithfuls, to hide the horrible truth that the Church of Scientology is on a toboggan ride toward the bottom.

4- The number of defectors from the Church of Scientology now surpasses its membership  Over 30,000 people have been declared suppressives since RTC came into being in 1982. This is twice as many active Scientologists in good standing within the Church worldwide.

Doctored promo: The woman at the bottom left of the blue circle is standing next to an 8 foot tall black man is there twice

In Scientology every statistic of its Management is now false to protect against the Church worst fear: the discovery of truth by its members: that its leadership is corrupted to the core (David Miscavige denying food and rest to his juniors, but extorting the Sea Org underpaid staff to buy him a $100,000 motorcycle and finance a life of luxury while some Sea Org staff live in conditions more appalling than those found in the poorest countries on Earth). This is why the Church has abandoned LRH ideas of making each org  “saint Hill size” and has “ideal orgs” instead. Saint Hill size is based in numbers. Ideal org is based on opinion and fudginga few meaningless stats. All one has to do is look at the pictures of those ideal orgs in action: they are quiet like morgues and the course rooms are empty.

Stress and invalidation of preclears and Pre-OTs has grown exponentially over the years. Life expectancy for an Upper Level Scientologist on Church lines is now below 57 years.

The Ls are about to become an extinct technology at Flag.Last year the FSO lost two Class XII C/S to cancer (A Kartuzinsky and Richard Reiss). There are only 9 Class XII remaining at Flag and most of them are already Senior Citizens . The Ls are now being mistaught and run differently than the way L Ron Hubaard taught it to the original Class XIIs. They are now run “Miscavige style” and their failure ratio is now 50%. (prior to my departing in 1992, any Class XII with less than 95% success ratio was removed from auditing and sent on a retrain)

The Church actually amuse me whenever they promote the most aberrant fabrications about me or others that they are unable to blackmail because the only one dirty with crimes is the Church itself.The Church typically recruits renegades with a long history of betrayal and people who are according to their own records insane and unfit for services. I have studied enough pc folders of those GO or OSA puppets cases in the past to know it. The Church hires in lieu of journalists, people so aberrated and crazy that the only uniform they should wear is a straight-jacket.

I recognize the recent frenzy of attacks by OSA and the Church for what it is: the death throws of a wild Beast that has been mortally wounded by the black PR that has backfired upon themselves from decades of lies, deceptions and unethical acts and a list of defectors twice as long as its current membership.

One would think that those running the Church would grown a brain or have a sudden attack of sanity and try to reform the Church, but everything including quality of Services seems to be getting worse every year.

One of the lies promoted by the Church is that I keep desperately searching for PCs to audit. Thanks to the great stupidity and incompetence of OSA and the zombies that now abound on Church staff, I am literally besieged by inquiries from traumatized and disgruntled public of the Church. I just cannot find the time to look for new public. I even had to hire a secretary just to address the load.

Their pc complaints are multiple: Gross Auditor code violations: evaluation, Invalidation, squirrel procedures not written in any HCOB but ordered by the failed auditor who now runs the Church (David Micavige was expelled from his Class IV internship at  Saint Hill in the 1970s for gross Auditor code violations and reports of physically assaulting the pc in the session). Registrars and executives pillaging the accounts of public to get book sales and earn a 15% commission. Denigration of the state of Clear,etc.

The numbers are multiplying  Thanks to the Publcity from the Church of Scientology itself. Who believes them? The Ku Klux Klan, the Neo Nazis and the Taliban have now more credibility that the Church of Scientology has remaining.

I certainly would not go out of my way to defend myself against the raving and insane fabrications of lunatics and mass murderers such as Charles Manson,Timothy McVeigh or Osama Bin Laden.In fact I would view personal attacks and parroting of the insane fabrication by these or their stooges,dupes or fans as a form of compliment, meaning that I must be doing something right to get such a degree of attention.

Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. described bigotry in the following quotation: “The mind of a bigot is like the pupil of the eye; the more light you pour upon it, the more it will contract.”

My Life philosophy can be resumed in the following sentence:

All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.

Anyone who thinks that the Church of Scientology has not become an EVIL organization has either become mentally lobotomized or seeks to purposefully promote Evil because of the advantages he or she thinks it will afford him/her.

I have departed the Church of Scientology because by 1992,under its leadership it violated the core principles taught in the fundamentals of its philosophy of helping people and seeking to live with the truth.

I developed disagreement in the view that L. Ron Hubbard had reached a permanent state of Infallibility and could never err. (something by definition reserved only for Deity).

I developed disagreement in the fanatical application of the Scientology procedures,observing that I had a near 100% success rate and those under tight control of the Church had a success below 70% by the time I left and that this ratio has continue to go down since.

I decided that it was wrong for the Church to hide its corrupt activities and to keep on telling tell gross lies to its membership for the sole purpose of increasing the amount of Money controlled by its elite.

Therefore attempt to silence me (Church, Freezone,Independents) simply means that:

1- Those attacking me are deeply afraid. Criticism is defined by L. Ron Hubbard as the desire to Harm with a covert admission that one is incapable of actually doing so. Therefore after too many failures to harm someone of goodwill, the mind becomes psychotic and starts to dream the most frantic and absurd fabrications and soon starts to hallucinate believing in their own lies.

2- Those who propagate Hatred believe they have the right to violate the Human Rights of others if it threaten in their eyes the triumph of their ideology. (This is in itself  the definition of Extremism)

Anyone who departs from the Church by dissenting or embracing different beliefs and religious views than those taught by its current leadership is uniformly treated in the following manner

1. Classification:  People are divided into “us and them”. The Church (or fanatical opponent group like Freezone factions) views itself as the good guys no matter how Evilly they act and feel that attacks anyone who try to show them howto reform Evil.

2. Symbolization “When combined with hatred, symbols may be forced upon unwilling members of pariah groups…”

3.Dehumanization “One group denies the humanity of the other group. Members of it are equated with animals, vermin, insects, or diseases.” (squirrels) or ridiculing any handicap, old age etc.

4.Organization Attacks are always organized. Special groups or Specialists execute the pernicious agenda seeking to destroy the targeted individuals/group

5. Polarization “Hate groups broadcast polarizing propaganda…”

6. Preparation “Victims are identified and separated out because of their ethnic or religious identity…” My disagreements with the Church are philosophical and religious in nature.

7.Extermination “It is ‘extermination’ because the perpetrators feel the target is a liability to the greater group or Dynamic and is viewed with deep Hatred. Ostracism, boycott and Isolation are merely the first stages before violence becomes justified in the eyes of the perpetrators because their victims are not truly human.”

8. Denial:The perpetrators… deny that they committed any crimes…” OSA (and its agents) and the Freezone are frequently accomplished liars.

9. Discrimination: Because of its dissenting views and the enactment of the previous steps, both the Church and its offshoots (Freezone/Independents) promote the FAIR GAME LAW and the spreading of calumnies and vilification toward dissenters.

10.Persecution:systematic mistreatment of an individual or group of individuals as a response to their religious beliefs or affiliations or lack thereof.

The Above 10 steps are known as the 10 Stages of Genocide.

It describes very precisely the tactics of the Church toward religious dissension.

Anyone who still promotes the ideals of the Church of Scientology in maligning its religious dissenters and/or who promotes Hatred toward those it dislikes or have physical disabilities,or belong to the “wrong ethnic group” should be labelled for what he or she is:  A GENOCIDE ADVOCATE.

Pierre Ethier

(c) 2013

Partial list of public audited

The following is a partial list of PCs Pierre have audited  that was officially published by the Church of Scientology. It is not in any way exhaustive and consists of roughly 3500 people out of about 5000. Anyone on this list (or not) is welcome to contact Pierre. With virtually no exception, he enjoyed auditing each of those people. Pierre provided counseling as a volunteer minister for 20 years at no pay. Dalai Lama  says , quote: “Those who, through  their personal suffering,  truly want to end completely  all the suffering of others  are persons of supreme capacity. ” Pierre is one of those people of supreme capacity.

 Pierre is going over the list and recalling the gains and life changing improvements he saw in those people provided him with hours of happy memories: “My ultimate desire is for each of these people to reach happiness and spiritual Freedom, whether they achieve it in the Church of Scientology or in another. A lot of those names have not been on Flag completion list for a very long time. Each and everyone should be told that


Anyone can move forward from whatever point they have been stopped, betrayed or given arbitrary actions that were not designed to help them.” Pierre says

Note: We have received the following special request by  John Brownlee to include his name in the incomplete list of PC-s I have audited and I am gladly revising the list: “I never saw my name on your list of people you had audited so I didn’t make the connection until fairly recently. I am recalling now that you DID audit me once at Flag back in 1980. But thank you. This is belated, I know, but you helped me a lot in those few short hours-if it was even one hour all told. And it made a difference”

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Pierre Ethier

Happy Valentine’s Day – success story – over 20 years strong!


Fort Harrison Hotel – Flag Service Organization – Church Of Scientology


This is a picture of our wedding night at Fort Harrison Hotel – Flag Service Organization. The wedding reception was organized by Dreyfus who was a Greek by origin and was managing the Hotel Operations at the time. The Church claimed  that before becoming staff  Dreyfus was a manager at the luxury Waldorf Astoria.

We did not have a honeymoon as my husband was back to work in the very same morning after the wedding at the very same Ford Harrison Hotel where the Class XII HGC was located just across the pool . The wedding reception was organized quickly , actually we had gotten a wedding permit from the state beforehand. Alain Kartuzinski , Class XII had approached us on the Sea Org day suggestively mentioning that if we need a minister to perform our wedding he can volunteer. I am thinking now if that meant that our marriage was “politically correct” and approved by the “inner circle”.  This is the way it works in the Sea Org as strangers have a say on private matters like who lives and dies and who gets married and divorced ( disconnected). At lunch break Pierre surprised me with the news that he had contacted the hotel manager and ordered a wedding reception for 10 p.m. I did not have a wedding dress and he did not have a wedding suit. I took his dress white uniform and Mary Pesh helped me to get it ready in a  “ship shape”  during my dinner break. I remember Mary Pesh as a very fine, fair and impressive woman. I been told by her ex-husband Matt that since she has been sent to RPF , had remarried and left the Church but is still in good standing. My best wishes to her and always.

We did not have wedding preparation , we did not have wedding invitations per say , just announced at the Class XII HGC that everyone is invited. All Class XIIs did present on our wedding , staff , celebrities and other public. Someone from the public had grabbed a video camera and gave us our wedding video as a wedding gift.

Pierre paid for the wedding five star prices with the savings of his Sea Org allowance which was $30/week for working 110 hours. He was Sea Org staff for about 20 years. On many occasions Pierre had to audit till midnight and report to work at 7 a.m. next  morning which was basically abusive. This is the Church money making machine where the Church was changing PCs for Pierre’s services at rate up to $1000/hour and treating the auditor as a slave at no pay. He had to audit on the day of our wedding and was still delivering a session flat out till the wedding reception. My wedding rehearsal was 20 minutes before the wedding, the groom was delivering a session to public and was not allowed to leave his post even for this exceptional day in life. Allain Kartuzinsky did the rehearsal 20 minutes before the wedding without the groom and  asked me if I want the short or the long wedding ceremony , then briefly went with me through the script. By 10 p.m. Minty Alexander , Class XII was my maid of honor and  the groom rushed down the  isle to the reception right away after session. A Sea Org staff took me down the isle with Minty Alexander by my side. Few months after we were wed at the Church of Scientology my husband got a written order to “dump me” for their convenience and political agenda. Been told the same person writing this order to split my family was involved later on in Lisa McPherson’s death. This was one of many attempts to destroy my husband’s life by destroying his family.

We do not believe in family disconnection for serving the interests of cult groups ( both in the Church and outside the Church). Now over 20 years later our marriage is still going strong through the ups and downs in life, despite of the abusive attempts to split our family with gossip ( third party) and smear campaigns by evil fanatics both in the Church and their unauthorized offshoots.

People do fall in love and create a family. No religion have a say over your family ! 

Our best wishes on Valentines day, do  fall in love, create a family, raise children  and be happy together for many years to come! Count your blessings and always remember the true POWER is in your family.


A loving heart from us to you on Valentine’s day


“…only true marriage; which is beyond the power of any individual or group of individuals to add to or detract from in the slightest manner.” Scientology Wedding Ceremony



” “With this symbol of my love, I take thee, (bride) As my true and lawful wedded wife”
“I pledge thee to keep this love, Ever living, ever real”
(The same vow is repeated by the Bride)

And now, in the name of the Church of Scientology … and by virtue of the powers vested in me by the state of Florida, I declare you (groom) and you (bride) to be truly and legally, Husband and Wife. I will ask that you seal this ceremony with your lips.

And I will ask these witnesses present to join me in blessing this ceremony with the postulate that the trust and love of the present shall become ever stronger with each passing year.

Did you do it ?
Thank you.” Scientology Wedding Ceremony

Pierre Ethier

Meeting our friend the astronaut John Blaha

Meeting our friend the astronaut John Blaha


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Robert F. Lyons


Pierre Ethier did audit the actor Robert F. Lyons

Robert Lyons attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. He spent his high school years in a very strict military school. Robert Lyons was a tap dancer at age six. He studied with legendary coaches Stella Adler, Milton Katselas and Arthur Storch.

“An actor thinks in terms of emotions and the effects he/she wants to create. One must make them real and natural, not forced and ‘performed.’ The acting of today is more a matter of ‘being,’ therefore it is important to go beyond ‘acting.'”



Inner peace and joy


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Many of us get messages from an early age that our individual creative expression, which is another way of saying who we really are, is somehow not good enough. We lose touch with our natural creative source and thus lose touch with that core energy that allows us to feel nourished, grounded, fully alive and connected to ourselves and others.

Creative self expression is an important and often underutilized tool for those of us on the path of spiritual growth. Creativity is an essential ingredient of success and satisfaction in any area of our lives.

Getting back in touch with your creative self can reconnect you with a sense of meaning and purpose, regain your joy and help you maintain greater flexibility in the face of life’s many challenges. Creativity is one of the most unique and precious aspects of who we are.

About kindness


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“My religion is very simple. My religion is kindness” Dalai Lama 1935

Kindness is a universal language that blind men see and deaf men hear. If I have to talk about the amazing human abilities I would talk first about human kindness. It separates us from the rest of living things. It exposes our spirit and gives us the means to prevail. If people around us base every action on a conscious kindness our world will be beautiful and our lives will be fulfilled with meaning. If the mankind wasn’t so busy being greedy or power hungry or ego-driven, they would have more time to devote to being more kind. For  some like Pierre Ethier there is “light at the end of the tunnel”.   People without kindness are empty inside.

Kindness comes in many forms and sizes.  Kindness can be something as small as a quick smile or an acknowledging nod. It can be something as large as adapting an unwanted child. Large or small kindness is kindness.

When you are the lucky one and on the receiving end of someone’s kindness never miss the chance to acknowledge them. Don’t ever take a single kindness for granted. Treat each one special like it’s the first one you have ever received. People have shown pretty consistent to claim that one is creating enemies. They never seem to find the key to live in harmony and without conflicts, war or struggle for power. If you are truly kind it is hard to hate. True kindness is a strength to finding peaceful co-existence.

In order to be more kind to others you must first be most kind to you. It is important to strike the right balance between them and you. Kindness makes you feel a certain way. That feeling is good. We are all connected and the kindness thread is an important link that holds us all together in compassionate and harmonious way.

May be you are reading this right now and realize that you have not been cognizant of the importance  of being genuinely kind and what it means to your life and the life of others. It is worthed to be kind to yourself if you want to do better in life. Do simple acts of kindness and don’t look for reward or return. You will be pleasantly surprised how kindness feels.

Once, President Abraham Lincoln spoke to a young soldier who was near death. Lincoln went over to his hospital bedside and asked: “Is there anything I can do for you now?”  The soldier didn’t recognize Lincoln, and with some effort whispered: “Would you please write a letter to my mother?” The president carefully began to write down what the young man was able to say: “My dearest mother, I was badly hurt while doing my duty. I’m afraid I’m not going to recover. Don’t grieve too much for me, please. Kiss Mary and John for me. May God bless you and father.” The soldier was too weak to continue, so Lincoln signed the letter for him and added, “Written for your son by Abraham Lincoln.” The young man asked to see the note and was astonished when he discovered who had written it.

He asked: “Are you really the president?” .Lincoln replied softly: “Yes, I am,” Then he asked if there was anything else he could do. “Would you please hold my hand?” the soldier asked. “It will help to see me through to the end.”

In the hushed room, the tall gaunt president took the soldier’s hand in his and spoke warm words of encouragement until death came.

What makes great people are the simple acts of kindness.

Google Plus


In order to promote the Church of Scientology , their stooges steal pictures from FaceBook , crop and alter the image to promote HATRED.

Hatred of course will cut their way to eternity, stealing will shorten their was to happiness and the Church in actual fact gets the worse image than ever.

Below is a stolen picture from Pierre’s FaceBook used to promote hatred:

pierre-ethier Be AWARE Hatred Posts!


Be Aware HARED Posts!

Hatred and Violence promoted by the EVIL Church of Scientology

On a web site which outlines “success stories” in the Church of Scientology we can see also the following hate propaganda: a picture stolen from Pierre’s facebook . This stolen picture  was photoshopped on a  wanted poster with a bullet hole on it. It is delusion that one would spiritually progress in Scientology  by promoting violence and bullet holes with the image of a decent person. Pierre lost his left leg giving all his money to the Church of Scientology and now the very same Church fanatics want to kill him. It speaks volumes the amount of degradation of parishioners who lie for “success” where it does not exist but at the same time show their true colors and willingness to violate the law promoting hatred and violence. BE AWARE!


Picture stolen from Pierre’s facebook , photoshopped to promote violence 


Another fake photoshopped picture where a stolen picture from Pierre’s facebook in Easter Islands is fraudulently mounted with a picture of Italian man in uniform. Be aware FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! FAKE!


Some more pictures stolen from Pierre’s Facebook and used for hate propaganda by the Church of Scientology. 

Hating people is not a success! Hating is EVIL!




Pierre Ethier is asking WHY the Security Guards of the Church Of Scientology Had to Kill Mario Majorki?

Mario Moajorski was KILLED by Security Guards hired by the Church of Scientology!!!!! Mario’s MURDER happened 30 years after Pierre Ethier met the man. Pierre Ethier wants to know WHY armed security guards of the Church of Scientology had to SOOT TO KILL the man , instead of disarming him by shooting into his legs or hands. The reports note that Mario was holding swords in his hand and behaving erratic in an empty parking lot without endangering anyone. The security guards were professionals who would of known better way to deal with this incident.

Church of Scientology Juvenile Smear of my family, Fair Game and Google Wars

Stay tuned .

I have been researching the Church of Scientology smear campaigns and manipulations of various attention seekers. Last year were spend over $30 000 to fair game me and my family with the intention to unfairly profit by getting my disable child homeless. With the donations to the Church were actually financed smear shills , smear  pages and paid smear google advertisements to fair game my family. This is how I became triple on google search .
Honorable people care about other people and  help the homeless with food and shelter. Do not be surprised by EVIL campaigns by informants of the Church of Scientology with the only goal to get children homeless on the street.

Catherine Ethier



Flag trained auditors

I have a lot of respect to Flag trained auditors who have gone through a very advanced training in order to deliver the upper levels. For the one who does not know , the Church of Scientology has issued a policy in the 80-es prohibiting the field auditors to deliver beyond Clear. One of the reasons is that the field auditors work is not overseen by a C/S


This means that a Field auditor is typically experienced in delivering the lower bridge where with no C/S. Certain Rundowns are delivered at Flag only , some are delivered at the Advanced Orgs. This also means that certain rundowns are truly mastered by Flag trained auditors only and require the supervision of a C/S. The higher level of expertise is extremely important when delivering the upper bridge and the Ls.

I hope that this will help you to understand that Flag trained auditors have advanced knowledge , vast expertise and capabilities to pin point the right areas the PC needs to be addressed. Karen De La Carriere , a Class XII and C/S mentions that:” Each interneship takes MONTHS of 40 hour to 60 hours in the chair of flawless VWD sessions for graduation to be approved. ” The was referring to the Ls training at FSO.

A certain Class VIII  and a field auditor often shows off  with the promo line that he trained to Class VIII in two years. The following statement sounds like a shameless degrade of the value of training: ” I bought all the basic books and read them cover to cover one week in late 1968……I got my Grades, did my Academy levels, volunteer audited in Hawaii, moved to LA, did the BC, volunteer audited at the AO and then started field auditing in 1970. By 1971 I was a Class VIII ”  Such boasting falls within the “high crime” of “Technical Degrades” (HCO POLICY LETTER OF 17 JUNE 1970 RB) and  even if this Class VIII auditor has been declared not once but twice , he still keeps boasting about his quickies. LRH: “Such actions as this gave us “quickie grades,” ARC broke the field and downgraded the Academy and SH courses. A condition of TREASON or cancellation of certificates or dismissal and a full investigation of the background of any person found guilty will be activated…”

 It took me total 5 years ( 4 years full time university studies and a Thesis) to obtain my first Masters Degree. It took me  an additional of 4 years flawless practice to obtain my professional license.  This based on standard government requirements. In the wog world , for two years one can not obtain even an undergraduate degree and will be prohibited to practice in regulated professions. A PC on other hand deserves nothing less but the same standard of care. It has become a practice to often see auditors in the field with fraudulent claims for training and certifications. It is now up to the PC to make a wiser evaluation of the auditor they choose.

Auditors that respect themselves and their PCs shall get a proper training instead of advertising their incompetence and quickies. Would you allow a surgeon who studied only 2 years in a medical school to operate on you? I do not think so.

People who have fallen victim into various manipulations to do the bidding of EVIL individuals and to promote the church enemy lines hide a little secret. This secret it that they are dishonest! The reason of the low perceptions of those people and the inability to make rational conclusions resides in their little white lies! ”Dishonest people have withholds, and withholds stack up mass and bring about stupidity.



December 21, 2011

Karen De La Carriere: ….[name omitted ] ….. “never had any Ls training. He certainly did not have the very complex and unique training of Class X, XI and Class XII. There is an enormous study ofLRH CSed folders and special testsn to understand why LRH CSed that way. ” ….[name omitted ] ….” never came anywhere near this section of the training.”

Karen De La Carriere : “ The Ls are like a Ferrari. Most people can drive one up to 100mph but the minute you get into 150 mph, when things so wrong, they go terribly wrong. The Ls are high performance spiritual work that require expert handling by qualified Ls auditors. This requires interneships and not done by reading ‘hat write ups”.”

Karen De La Carriere : “When something goes wrong …either in a high performance vehicle or intense spiritual work ~~ the results can be catastrophic if one does not know how to recover from trouble. Lisa Mcpherson, 3 weeks after L-11 (see the image on the web of her proudly displaying her L-11 Cert and smiling) went Type III, taking off her clothes and walking naked on Fort harrison Avenue. This is an example of how badly it can backfire.”

Karen De La Carriere : “What we are discussing is an expanded range, that which can boost you so high spiritually and take you into the lofty heights of heaven can also backfire in the other direction and send you into hell.”

Karen De La Carriere: “ I will never participate in any action that does not guarantee the safety and well being of pcs. Only knowing, training and understanding the length an breadth of the procedures and their remedies can give the results LRH intended for these rundowns.”

Karen De La Carriere : “One example of how Interneships are so vital is that the AUDITING STYLE of Ls auditing is different. You have to un-do all the TRs 1-4 you have ever learned all your life and learn “TR L10 style” It is designed to impact the case differe…ntly. This needs to be drilled and drilled and drilled on video and one has to watch one’ own videos day after day, month after month til one has perfected one’s performance and til it is second nature. There is nothing in the field in current set ups that can even come near approximating Ls training. Each interneship takes MONTHS of 40 hour to 60 hours in the chair of flawless VWD sessions for graduation to be approved. But the pc is the beneficiary and is now in safe hands. The safety and guaranteed stability of the pc is the primary importance here. To hell with any other consideration than the PC and the PC’s benefit.”

The Church of Scientology snooping for Tech. Reviews (Humor)

The Church of Scientology is apparently a fan of Pierre’s Technical Reviews. We have documented a recent visit from the Church groupies below:

Date: 13.07.2013

Time: 23:39:46 ( Moscow time zone)


United States


Los Angeles

URL visited:…



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The covert character assassination of Gaye & Ernest Corbett

Scientologists back in comm

When you think of Scientology in South Africa and its history here you think of certain people that have become synonymous with the subject.

Gaye & Ernest Corbett are two of those names. Going back about 40 years they have always been a part of the community and contributing. Ernest has been a popular speaker on OT, Admin Scale & Admin tech. You couldn’t find two people more supportive of people, Scientologists and their local church of Scientology.

They have trained, they have travelled the length of the Bridge as it is available in Scientology today. They have been in the trenches and fought with the best of us. Not that they are without their faults, of course not. But no one can be in any doubt that they contributed to Scientology and they contributed to LRH.

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Can’t apply

Life, the Universe and LRHs Bridge


By Tom M.

There are always some around who try their darnest to prove that Scientology doesn’t work. These people want us all to think that the technology of L Ron Hubbard is destructive in nature.  Huh? I, for one, never found that to be true. What I have found is that LRH is a humanitarian and by studying his technology I have learned that he not only loves his fellow man, but he has dedicated his life to making it out of this trap for himself and then others.

There is no way that a touch assist is evil. There is no way that a Nerve Assist traps people. There is no way that running a Two-Way Communication process makes people worse. But somehow a few cats want us to think that the tech of LRH is bad somehow.

What I have seen is that the technology of LRH in the…

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Anastasia Volochkova “Adiemus”

Each Adiemus album is a collection of song-length pieces featuring harmonised vocal melody against an orchestra background. There are no lyrics as such, instead the vocalists sing syllablesand ‘words’ invented by Jenkins. However, rather than creating musical interest from patterns of phonemes (as in scat singing, or in numerous classical and crossover compositions), the language of Adiemus is carefully stylised so as not to distract the listener’s attention from the pitch and timbre of the voice. Syllables rarely end in consonants, for example. In this respect it is similar to Japanese and several other languages. The core concept of Adiemus is that the voice should be allowed to function as nothing more than an instrument, an approach that has become something of a trend in recent choral writing (compare, for example Vangelis‘s score for the film 1492: Conquest of Paradise (1992), or “Dogora”, a symphonic suite by French composer Étienne Perruchon). The word Adiemus itself resembles the Latin word ‘adeamus’ meaning ‘let us approach’ (or “let us submit a cause to a referee”).[1] Jenkins has said he was unaware of this. Perhaps even more appropriately, the song title also resembles two forms of the Latin verb ‘audire’ (to hear), i.e. ‘audiemus’ (we shall hear) and ‘audiamus’ (let us hear).

Contributions to the site welcome

Pierre-Ethier-L12I just wanted to drop you a note and thank you for such a great website. It is truly an oasis in the madness of the Independent field for me. I hope you are doing well. I do look forward to seeing you one day soon. Flourish and prosper, my friend. You are appreciated and admired for the work you do by those of us who want real LRH Tech, not less. That said, I am working on a little idea to contribute to your site. I’ll send that idea along to you to look at. Meanwhile, lots of love and best wishes.


Happy Thanksgiving Canada

The Sanctuary of Standard Scientology Technology is dedicated to Pierre Ethier: a Flag trained Class XII Auditor honored as The Best Auditor on the Planet for over a decade.

 thanksgiving - Pierre Ethier
Native Indian Prayer

Thanksgiving is about giving our appreciation to the kindness of others in our lives and reflects in all parts of  the natuaral creation. Thanksgiving is based on the collective and sincere introspection, while facilitates the ultimate  meditation on what gives sense to our existence and to what sustains our existence. This help us to enjoy  the state of gratefulness.

Thanksgiving is a day of genuine connection to nature’s elements and to Mother Earth and helps us to celebrate the true unity of the divine elements with Affinity , Reality and Communication. It encompasses once again the true meaning of Affinity (affection, love or liking), Reality (consensual reality) and Communication (the exchange of ideas).

We are Giving Thanks for what was already received, so we include hope that we’ll become worthy to continue Receiving, that we’ll learn and become better in giving ourselves, further on.

When you are at cuase of your enviriment and everything is working…

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In response to EVIL

The Sanctuary of Standard Scientology Technology is dedicated to Pierre Ethier: a Flag trained Class XII Auditor honored as The Best Auditor on the Planet for over a decade.

Open letter:

Catherine Ethier

My quote of the day:

“Being mentally challenged is a disability but being EVIL is a choice!”

In response to Michelle Butcher – Sterling who wrote: “Pierre, some advice. Lose the crazy bi*ch …”

Preaching family destruction is EVIL! Promoting family disconnection is EVIL! It takes some real EVIL to split a family.

In regard to your continuous drama for many years now, I will reiterate that no one has ever been authorized to speak on my behalf , I have NEVER made any postings on your site. Although I am very flattered by your keen interest toward me  ( I recall one time when you, Michelle called me “a public figure” in a letter you wrote to your ISP), I want to firmly note that your own postings (which you often contribute to me) , your “snipplets”, other exerts out of context , “telepathic mind reading” realizations, alterations, misrepresentations and other assertions are only your personal fabrications…

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EVIL: Autistic Students Tortured with Electrical Shocks

This video shows addressing autism by Psychiatrists with “Court Ordered Treatment Plan” that is simply called TORTURE. This included shocking a teen aged boy 31 times with electrical shocks that are stronger than a police taser gun till the boy became permanently catatonic. The boy was strapped face down for 7 hours and subjected to electrical shocks till his flesh was burning. The teen boy was tortured for 7 hours because he did not remove his coat. This is 7 hours crying “Help, Help”, “ No , No”. Torture has become “medicine” in modern America.

Stephen Eckelberry’s Eulogy of Karen on her Memorial

Stephen Eckelberry’s Eulogy of Karen on her Memorial, September 17th, 2013
I recently found 1996 Chicago Tribune press clipping of an interview Karen did – one of those where you have short answers to questions – favorite childhood memory, my heros, etc. The last question was “three words that best describe me.” Karen’s answer: Light, present, non-derivative. I couldn’t have said it better myself.
On the subject of light, she was essentially, to her core, a happy person. She could work really hard and often did. But she loved having fun. She would put as much energy into having fun as she would into her work. Her parties where legendary – people still come up to me and say what a great birthday party we had in 1989. She loved seeing friends and going on picnics – and playing party games – especially games that involved performing – like one she invented “Are You Pleased?” Of course the answer was always ‘no’. “What would it take to please you?” – “sing me a song that expresses how you feel about flowers” ‘ “Stand on your head” or “do you an improv that you are a barking dog trying to get a steak off the table.”

Let’s talk about present – what she means by that is being present – and to me that was the biggest lesson I learned from Karen – Be there – engage life! There’s an exercise in Scientology where you have to sit in front of another person and do nothing – just be there comfortably without fidgeting. It’s a lot harder than you think. When you first do the exercise you typically do it a couple of hours a day for a few days. Karen loved that exercise so much that when she first did it in the early sixties she did it for a whole year. ‘I think you are done Karen’ “No, I love this!” She was present right until the very end. She was actively engaging life until the very end, which astounded the doctors, they never saw anything like it – most in that stage just nod out on morphine. She was in major pain, and yet took less pain killers than most housewives – she wanted to be there! A few hours before she died she had me doing her leg exercises, she wanted to get strong so that she could walk again.
I learned more about living watching her die than watching anyone else live.
She had been writing her autobiography with Linda Kandel, finished the last interview the night before – but she remembered one sentence she wanted to add. – by this point she could barely breath, and I couldn’t understand what she was saying, but she dictated to me over the course of 15 minutes, a whole paragraph, one word at a time. Here is what she had me transcribe – now mind you, this is not some deep philosophical statement, it was just a sentence that she wanted inserted in to the section about her love life – or rather her unrequited passion as a young woman:
“But these beautiful deep and bright red wooden apples that I gazed upon where the very ones that kept me from going across the slender hallway and into the television room and having sex with Charlie’s brother Tommy, just as I stared at the bannister along the hallway at the room in which classes where held in daylight at Perdue U. which kept me from rolling on the cement walkway with Jim Stevens at midnight.”
That was her last creative act, 2 hours before she died.

Okay, the last one – non-derivative: Karen though about things in her own way, had her own conclusions and ideas about everything. Everything about her was completely original.
She made up her own language, I tried to figure out what it was – seemed like a combination of Celtic and Swedish – it was usually when she was happy and wanted to express her affection and delight about something – so it would come out in various ways:
“Oh Sorsee sordid crinda!” Just nonsense words that I guess had a certain satisfying quality when expressing them.

And she was completely original when it came to acting. It really wasn’t method, though she did that too, it was just a combination of an insane amount of prep and then a complete in-the moment expression. She would prep by researching her role – do a Texan accent – what part of Texas? Pan handle? Southeastern? Dallas? She would call people who knew people and then find someone that was from Southeast Texas – “I don’t have accent anymore really” – then Karen would proceed to write out using her own phonetic notation how each vowel was pronounced. She would memorize like crazy!
When I first went with her she told me her rule: Be able to say your lines flawlessly 10 times. So she would have me run lines with her, and if she made one screw up, she would reset the counter to zero, and do it again, until she had it 10 times perfect. Then, when she was on set, she was free to be completely in the moment and there for the other actor.
Her work was an astounding combination of iron-willed discipline and freedom – complete control and complete lack of control at the same time. It’s a trick that few people are capable of doing.

Last thing I want to talk about is help. Karen helped a lot of people – in her own way. She never though she really helped anyone, she felt guilty that she was too hedonistic to go out and feed the homeless or raise money for earthquake victims – and yet she helped everyone she met. She had an ability to become best friends with everyone she met, usually in less than five minutes. She saw them for who they were deep inside and validated them for what they did. She gave you – you. She certainly did it for me. I was introverted when I first met her, reading books voraciously, but not going into the world – she made it okay to engage life, and led by example, which was a kind of joyous charge at existence.

Many wonderful thoughts and kind words and thoughts have made their way to us since Karen’s passing. I’ll leave you with one, from my friend Noel Sterrett:

“Several years ago I was in the middle of writing a script, and I asked Karen to let me know what she thought of the story. In it, the female lead inadvertently saves the life of a rock star she is stalking. As a result, her dream comes true and he falls for her, and…

Karen stopped me right there: ‘NO NO NO, that’s backwards. You don’t love who saves you, you love who you save’.”

Well, on that note, Karen must have loved a lot of people, because she helped everyone that had the fortune to cross her path.

Thank you.

Research Project

pierre1Pierre Ethier has invested large amount of resources in acquiring original audio recordings from the early years of Diantetics and Scientology (1951) , most of the materials were never published before. This large acquisition came into existence due to Pierre’s ambitious efforts to invest time and personal resources in Dianetics and Scientology Research. Also a number of fellows contributed gifts-in-kind to this research project.

We may need volunteer  help with transcribing the audio files and perform comparative analysis. I must note that all materials are acquired by legal sources.

Un-compromised personal ethics standard is a condition to participate in this project. If you want to contribute personal time and effort to this project please contact us via the  form below. Please note you will be contacted on as needed basis. Thank you for your kindness and your contributions.

From ABERREE 1954

The Church, Religion, and Scientology

If you’re asking: “Is Scientology a religion – and many were even before it had been incorporated as a church – you might better ask: “What is religion?” Webster defines religion as having been taken from the Latin “religion, meaning taboo, or restraint.” This is a dichotomy of the connotation given the word by Scientologists. Scientology seeks to free man – not to bind him.

A few comparisons:

The church waits for the body to die before the soul can be freed to be judged and damned.

Scientology seeks to free the soul (thetan) from the current body while the body still lives; to give the thetan freedom to use or discard the body, when and as it sees fit.

The church makes man an effect of a God it cannot locate or identify; takes away from man any self-determined goals beyond the limited ones of today and the hopes of a nebulous tomorrow.

Scientology tries to show that man is a god in his own right, with full power and province over his environment.

The church damns man for things that happened not of his own doing nor under his own control. For example: “The sins of the fathers shall be visited upon the children, even to the third and fourth generations”. Or, Adam and Eve ate of the Tree of Life in defiance of God’s order, therefore condemning all mankind to a life of sin for which he will be individually and eternally punished. Or, someone named Christ died for our sins so that we might have salvation; but if you don’t believe this, you’ll be eternally damned.

Scientology says: “In the beginning and forever is the decision, and the decision is TO BE”. (From “The Factors”, 1953). The sin of sins could be a refusal to recognize your own postulate “to be”, and to accept the implanted postulate that “you can be only be if – “.

The church says God is infinite, yet sits apart in judgment. Infinite out of what? And can an Infinite Being be more infinite one place than another? Some
may argue that this is a haggling over semantics, but if there are no words to describe what is meant by infinity, why has not one been invented?

Undoubtedly, there are many things yet to be learned about man and the multitude of universes in which he has, does, or will exist- we’ve probably only tapped the surface. It may be years before the infinity sign for the Eighth Dynamic – the Figure 8 lying on its side – will stand upright. At present, we accept the fact there is a Supreme Being, but no one yet has had the temerity to restrict him to a finite definition. Not in Scientology, anyway.

More on Dianetics and Scientology Research Project

Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health

Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We have acquired materials from several hitherto undiscovered cache. This is an acquisition of very rare, most of them one of a kind and the only copies of  unpublished technical and historical materials from the dawn of Dianetics & Scientology. The Independent field of Scientology goes back to 1951.

The official publications of the Church of Scientology give very little information about the early 1950’s. The history of Dianetics possibly begins in the 1920s. In April 1950, Hubbard and several others established the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation in Elizabeth, New Jersey to coordinate work related for the forthcoming publication of Dianetics. Hubbard wrote Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health at that time.

The success of selling Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health brought in a flood of money, which Hubbard used to establish Dianetics foundations in six major American cities.

In the early days of Scientology, Hubbard expressed a debt to other thinkers for developing Dianetics. For example, there are a number of references to Freud and Breuer in his 1950 lectures. Hubbard also initially credited U.S. Navy doctor Commander Thompson. The books Science of Survival (1951) and Scientology 8-8008 (1952) both contain acknowledgment lists. However, on 7 February 1965 Hubbard published the Policy Letter “Keeping Scientology Working“, where he said: “Our technology has not been discovered by a group. True, if the group had not supported me in many ways I could not have discovered it either.”

During 1950 demand grew for auditing facilities. Branches of the Foundation were established in Los Angeles, New York, Washington, Chicago and Honolulu. The main auditor training centres were in New Jersey and Los Angeles. Graduates of the four week course were certified as professional auditors.

In parallel with this, ‘grass-roots’ groups emerged who began training themselves and co-auditing. Some publicised their activities in the papers, some wrote to booksellers or the Foundation to make contact with others in their area interested in Dianetics. Extensive written communication took place between the groups and with the Foundation. This correspondence discussed case histories, new ideas on therapy and practice, and ideas on development of the movement. Groups started to produce their own newsletters and the Foundation produced its own journal. This included articles by Hubbard and other Foundation staff plus details of courses and books available,

There was no attempt however by the Foundation to control or structure the field groups. Auditors trained by the Foundation were left to apply their new skill how and where they wished. Some joined or led local groups, others set up as solo-practitioners.

By the autumn of 1950, financial problems had developed, and by November 1950, the six Foundations had spent around one million dollars and were more than $200,000 in debt. Disagreements emerged over the direction of the Dianetic Foundation’s work, and relations between the board members became strained, with several leaving, even to support causes critical of Dianetics. One example was Harvey Jackins, founder of Re-evaluation Counselling.

In January 1951, the New Jersey Board of Medical Examiners instituted proceedings against the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation in Elizabeth for teaching medicine without a licence. The Foundation closed its doors, causing the proceedings to be vacated, but its creditors began to demand settlement of its outstanding debts. Don Purcell, a millionaire Dianeticist from Wichita, Kansas, offered a brief respite from bankruptcy, but the Foundation’s finances failed again in 1952.

Because of a sale of assets resulting from the bankruptcy, Hubbard no longer owned the rights to the name “Dianetics”,but its philosophical framework still provided the seed for Scientology to grow. Scientologists refer to the book Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health as “Book One.”

More information about Dianetics early years:


As you all know for many years Pierre Ethier has given free advice, interpretation and references on various standard tech. matters for the personal benefits and advancement of countless Scientologists. On many occasions Pierre had provided free C/Sing and free Programming. Thus donating his time , effort and expertise solely to help others advance.

Pierre has been compiling a Scientology Research library purchasing many rare materials in order to preserve the tech. and to use the materials for research and as a practical reference for standard processing. This project has been heavily sabotaged in the the past, however it came to produce extraordinary good results despite the counter intention and many road blocks. Now the fruits of the hard work have become evident.

Recently we have been approached by benefactors who offered some help for this project. I am happy to see that despite of the many who just want to consume resources without fair exchange, there are some kind people who  actually want to contribute and further help for the development of the Scientology Research Library by sending gifts-in-kind donating materials and monetary resources. I am happy to see that true kindness and care for others is still out there.

Thank you for your gifts-in-kind and your contributions.

True kindness is still out there.

What makes great people are the simple acts of kindness.

Have rare, historical or significant books or materials? Why not make them available for research and beyond?

Pierre Ethier welcomes gifts of materials and monetary donations for research materials from individuals or groups. All materials must be legally obtained without exception. Please contact us if you kindly want to contribute rare, historical books or other materials that you want to make available for technology research for enhancing and preserving standard tech applications. Where possible we will attempt to add the materials into our Research Library based on criteria that apply to the selection of our library materials. It is understood that gifts are freely given without conditions attached

All donations will be considered as Donations of Gifts-In-Kind. You also can make voluntary donation via PayPal.




L. Ron Hubbard in Los Angeles, California.

L. Ron Hubbard in Los Angeles, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Definition: A criminal is one who is motivated by evil intentions and who has committed so many harmful overt acts that he considers such activities ordinary.

There is a datum of value in detecting overts and withholds in criminal individuals:



It is not true that where any person accuses another of a crime the accuser is always guilty of the crime or that type of crime. But it is true that when a criminal is doing the accusing it is more than probable that the criminal is disclosing his own type of crime”



L. Ron Hubbard
(HCO Bulletin September 15, 1981 “THE CRIMINAL MIND” “)

To protect dishonest people is to condemn them to their own hells.

L. Ron Hubbard in Los Angeles, California.

L. Ron Hubbard in Los Angeles, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Individual rights were not originated to protect criminals but to bring freedom to honest men. Into this area of protection then dived those who needed “freedom” and “individual liberty” to cover their own questionable activities.

Freedom is for honest people. No man who is not himself honest can be free—he is in his own trap. When his own deeds cannot be disclosed then he is a prisoner; he must withhold himself from his fellows and he is a slave to his own conscience. Freedom must be deserved before there is any freedom possible.

To protect dishonest people is to condemn them to their own hells. By making “individual rights” a synonym for “protect the criminal” one helps to bring about a slave state for all; for where “individual liberty” is abused, an impatience with it arises which at length sweeps us all away. “
L. Ron Hubbard
(HCOB 8 February 1960 “Honest People Have Rights, Too”)

Dishonesty cuts person’s reach

L. Ron Hubbard in Los Angeles, California.

L. Ron Hubbard in Los Angeles, California. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dishonest people have withholds, and withholds stack up mass and bring about stupidity. They cut the person’s reach and his ability to perceive. They hold in place the masses that imprison and pin the being at the level of Homo sapiens— and a miserable Homo sapiens, at that! Who is such a person really fooling?

Thus, one can bar his own way up the Bridge by dishonesty.

I always feel a bit sad when I see somebody doing himself in this way. It is so pointless.

One sees this in those who, for whatever irrational reason, cling knowingly to withholds and wind up critical, nattery and generating hostility. If one finds himself feeling hounded or persecuted, he should ask himself what his condition is on the first dynamic instead of going around persuading others to do him in.

How precious, after all, are one’s dishonesties, withholds and falsities in the face of the real freedom there is to be gained?

One CAN be honest. He will find it a happier, more comfortable existence when he is.

And more important—he’ll find the route to stable case gain is now open to him.


That is the route to sanity. It is the route up the Bridge to OT and real freedom. With honesty, one can make it and make it all the way! “

L. Ron Hubbard
(HCO Bulletin 1 May 1985 “Honesty and Case Gain”)


This is an example of someone “condemned into his own hell” ( LRH quote)  by his auditor , who does not understand that there no case gain for people who are audited over withholds:

“The stick of ethics. Lol! Were I be trying to do L’s at Flag I’d have been routed straight away to ethics and O/W write ups, sec checks, and intense pressure for “indulgences” that would have had Martin Luther spinning in his grave. And I would have walked, no run.  And I’m not including anything here about being an “SP” FZer”


Flag-only rundowns truly mastered by Flag Trained Auditors Only

Flag only rundowns (which Pierre studied and delivered – e.g. Original Super Power Rundown, Knowledge Rundown , Case Cracker Rundown , New Vitality Rundown , Fixated Person Rundown , Dynamic Sort-out Assessment , NOTs Stability Rundown, Held Down Seven Rundown, Int. by Dynamics Rundown, Havingness Rundown , The Prosperity Rundown, The Money Rundown, Profession Intensive ) address variety of handlings like spiritual difficulties, issues, ethics , case situations and other. The Ls , Flag Only Rundowns [Delivered at Flag Only] , NOTs [Delivered only in Advanced Organizations / Sea Orgs] , Power and Superpower require advanced auditor skills and trained C/S. The above rundowns should not be delivered without the supervision of a trained C/S. C/S training is required as some of the handlings are in the C/S materials. The authentic Flag Only Rundowns materials have not been released in the Free Field.

It is well known fact that field auditors affiliated with the Corporate Church of Scientology deliver auditing up to Clear and typically have NO EXPERIENCE with delivering upper levels .Field auditors refer their PC to the Orgs for 15% FSM commission which they receive for services purchased by the PC from the Church. A field auditor usually comes out in the free field with no experience auditing beyond Clear and lacks the discipline to audit under C/S.

The images are found on google search and do not reside on this site. All information contained, written and/or supplied shall be deemed to be without prejudice and is intended only for general educational use.

Freedom depends upon…

Life, the Universe and LRHs Bridge


By Lana Mitchell

We in Milestone Two believe that happiness and freedom depend upon restoration of understanding and trust between man and his fellows.

How do you establish trust with another? How can understanding be reached by two individuals with different views?

The only way is to build on Affinity, Reality and Understanding, through Communication.

It seems too simple an answer — but a failure to communicate, an inhibition to communicate, or a non-confront to talk will never resolve the barriers, the charge and any upset that keeps people not understanding each other.

Let’s take an all too classic example of a teenager that engages in an activity that is seen to be wrong, out-ethics or against the law. Maybe getting caught under-age drinking, or found to be smoking pot regularly, or experimenting with hard drugs, or getting caught shop-lifting — and efforts to discipline or punish seem to…

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RIP Karen Black

Karen Black, Oscar-Nominated Star of ’70s Classics, Dies at 74

Karen Black in 1975's 'Day of the Locust' (Photo: Everett Collection)Karen Black in 1975’s ‘Day of the Locust’ (Photo: Everett Collection)
Karen Black, the Oscar-nominated star of groundbreaking films of the ’60s and ’70s like “Easy Rider,” “Five Easy Pieces” and “Nashville,” died on Thursday at the age of 74. Her husband, Stephen Eckleberry, confirmed on Facebook that she succumbed to cancer after a two-year battle.

Black trained at the Actor’s Studio in New York under the legendary acting teacher Lee Strassberg before making her film debut in 1966 with Francis Ford Coppola’s early film “You’re a Big Boy Now.” She shot to stardom three years later in the counterculture classic “Easy Rider” alongside Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper as one of the women who join the bikers on a drug trip in a New Orleans cemetery (“Mickey” singer Toni Basil was the other).

Black earned an Academy Award nomination for Best Supporting Actress in “Five Easy Pieces” as the country-singing waitress in an unhealthy relationship with Jack Nicholson’s disaffected classical pianist. This led to roles in many high-profile films of the 1970s, including “Karen BlackThe Great Gatsby” with Robert Redford, Robert Altman’s “Nashville,” and “Family Plot,” Alfred Hitchcock’s final film. She also hosted “Saturday Night Live” in its second season (she returned to the show again in 1981). Her most indelible work of the decade, though, might well be the TV movie “Trilogy of Terror,” where she played the main character in three short horror films — including the famous solo battle with the Zuni fetish doll.

Karen Black in 2012 (Photo by JB Lacroix/WireImage)Karen Black continued to work throughout the ’80s, ’90s and 2000s, though mostly in low-budget independent and horror films, including Rob Zombie’s directorial debut “House of 1000 Corpses.” She had two projects she worked on before becoming gravely ill: the romantic indie “She Loves Me Not,” which premiered just this past Tuesday at the Midwest Independent Film Festival, and the online project “The Being Experience.”

Black grabbed headlines this past March when she went public with her cancer battle and started a crowdsourcing effort to raise funds for her treatment. Her GoFundMe page nearly doubled its fundraising goal, bringing in nearly $62,000 in donations from fans.

On her official blog, Black’s husband posted an update on Wednesday detailing her struggle with her disease and deteriorating condition. Eckleberry wrote, “One doctor told me that he thought that Karen had only 24 hours to live when she arrive at St. Johns June 3rd, and yet here she is alive two months later.” He went on to say that interactions with fans sustained both of them: “Karen and I have received hundreds of messages from you. Your prayers and well wishes help sustain us. We remain eternally grateful for all the love you continue to share.”

Black is survived by her son, Hunter Carson (they appeared together in the 1986 film “Invaders From Mars”) and adopted daughter Celine Eckleberry

Source: Link

Debbie Cook’s email

Cher(ère) ami(e)
Je vous envoie cet email en tant qu’ami et camarade scientologue. Nous entrons dans une nouvelle année, et j’espère que 2012 sera une année de grande dissémination et d’avancée réelle sur le Pont pour tous les scientologues.
Bien que je ne sois pas dans la Sea Org à l’instant présent, j’ai servi dans la Sea Org, pendant 29 ans à Flag. J’ai passé 17 années à la tête de Flag en tant que capitaine de FSO. Je suis auditeur et C/S entraîné en Tech, et en Admin j’ai fait les cours OEC, FEBC et DSEC.
Je suis entièrement dédiée à la technologie de Dianétique et de Scientologie et à l’œuvre de LRH. J’ai vu des résultats plus spectaculaires et miraculeux les uns que les autres avec l’application des technologies de LRH, et je sais avec certitude qu’il faut se battre pour la garder pure et non altérée.
Mon mari et moi sommes en bon standing et nous ne sommes pas liés à quelqu’un qui ne l’est pas. Nous avons toujours refusé de parler aux médias, même s’ils nous ont beaucoup sollicité.
Mais j’ai de très sérieuses préoccupations quant aux outpoints de KSW que je vois imprégner la religion de Scientologie.
J’ai le plus grand respect pour les milliers de scientologues dévoués et les membres de la Sea Org. Ensemble, nous avons traversé les pires difficultés que l’on puisse imaginer et cependant nous avons réussi à avoir un impact réel sur l’environnement. Je suis fière de ce que nous avons réalisé et je sais que vous l’êtes aussi. Cependant c’est une lapalissade de dire que ce nouvel âge de « levée de fonds continuelle » vient considérablement noircir le tableau.
LRH dit dans l’HCO PL du 9 janvier 51, Un Essai sur le Management, “Ne mettez pas de rideaux entre l’organisation et le public sur quoique ce soit.” – LRH
Je m’appuie sur cette lettre de règlement, pour vous informer de certaines situations sur lesquelles nous avons besoin de faire quelque chose au sein de notre religion, au sein de notre groupe.
Les actions non couvertes dans une lettre de règlement de LRH, ou qui violent directement une lettre de règlement de LRH et de la technologie comprennent:
• Les activités extrêmes de sur-regging et de levées de fonds qui sont maintenant la priorité de presque toutes les orgs Sea Org et orgs classe V ainsi que de tous les “OT Comités” ne sont couvertes dans aucune lettre de règlement de LRH.
• Les Travailleurs acharnés membres de la Sea Org et le personnel dévoué des orgs du monde entier ne choisissent pas de faire ces actions. Pas plus que les OTs. Je suis sûr qu’ils seraient bien plus heureux s’ils pouvaient simplement faire de la dissémination directe de la Scientologie comme ils l’ont fait pendant tant d’années. Mais la vérité est que les ordres viennent des échelons les plus élevés, au sein de la structure de la Scientologie et clairement il y a beaucoup de pression pour atteindre les objectifs qui sont fixés.
• L’ IAS: L’IAS a été créé à l’insu de LRH en 1984 par Marc Yager et David Miscavige.
Cette création était supposée être fondée sur des lettres de règlement de LRH concernant le membership et le HASI (Hubbard Association of Scientologists, International).
Cependant l’IAS ne correspond en rien au système de membership décrit par LRH qui ne comprend que deux memberships (HCO PL du 22 Mars 1965 ” Current Promotion and Org Program Summary, Membership Rundown” et qui affirme:
“Il ya deux memberships …” – LRH
LRH les cite: il y a le membership international ANNUEL et estime son coût à 10 livres sterling ou 30 $ US. Il cite également un abonnement à vie qui coûte 75 $ US. Il n’y a pas d’autres memberships ou statuts approuvés ou connus pour LRH.
• Par ailleurs, les fonds de membership sont censés aller directement dans les caisses de l’org, là où la carte de membre est prise, et l’argent doit être utilisé pour la dissémination par cette org, dans cette zone. Ceci est couvert dans la lettre de règlement HCOPL du 1er sept 1965R Règlements sur les adhésions.

 ‘ Tout l’argent va dans le livre de compte HCO de la zone où l’adhésion est signée et ne compte pas dans le revenu brut (G.I.) de l’organisation, pour la semaine. L’argent des adhésions va à la dissémination.’ – LRH.
• Actuellement l’argent des adhésions est détenu en tant que réserve à Int et la somme a largement dépassé le milliard de dollars.
Seule une infime partie a été dépensée, en violation de la lettre de règlement susmentionnée.
Et sur ces sommes monumentales seule une partie des intérêts générés est utilisée pour financer des projets.
En fait, beaucoup des activités que vous voyez lors d’événements IAS ne sont pas en réalité financées par l’IAS, mais plutôt par les scientologues impliqués.
• Réfléchissez-y maintenant, combien d’annonces diffusant la Scientologie, la Dianétique ou des programmes affiliés de Scn avez-vous vu à la télé? Entendu à la radio? Vu dans les journaux? Je n’en ai pas vu un seul, à San Antonio, au Texas où je vis depuis 4 ans. San Antonio est la 7ème ville des États-Unis. Et vous, combien en avez-vous vu?
Donner plus d’argent que le montant des deux memberships mentionnés ci-dessus viole la lettre de règlement de LRH.
L’article “Ce qu’achètent vos donations” (The Auditor, le journal mensuel de la scientologie n° 51, 1970) explique clairement la façon dont l’église utilise vos donations pour les services de Dianétique et de Scientologie.
• La prochaine fois que l’on vous demande de faire un don pour autre chose qu’un service, réalisez que cela relève de la levée de fonds et exigez de voir quelque chose écrit par  L. Ron Hubbard qui montre que c’est ce qu’il attend de vous en tant que scientologue.
Nouveaux bâtiments des Orgs:
• De la même façon, LRH n’a jamais ordonné l’acquisition d’immeubles opulents ou des rénovations chic ou des meubles coûteux pour chaque org.
En fait, si vous lisez l’HCO PL du 12 Mars 75 Issue II «L’Org Idéale», qui a donné son nom à ce programme immobilier, vous verrez que dans sa description d’une Org Idéale, LRH n’a jamais demandé des bâtiments à 20 millions de dollars, ou même fait référence au chic ou au luxe des locaux des orgs.
Au lieu de cela, une Org Idéale était une Org qui délivrait des services et faisait monter les gens sur le Pont – quelque chose  qui ne fait pas partie de ce programme d’ ‘Org Idéale’.
LRH dit dans la PL qu’une Org Idéale: “devrait être propre et suffisamment attractive pour ne pas repousser son public” – LRH. C’est tout ce qu’il dit sur l’état de l’immeuble.
• En raison de cette altération de la lettre de règlement sur l’Org Idéale, la majorité des OTs, désormais appelés “ambassadeurs OT”,  passent le plus clair de leur temps dans ces activités de levée de fonds incluant «bingo», ‘dîners de pirate’,  et de nombreuses autres activités tournant uniquement autour de la levée de fonds pour récolter les multi-millions de dollars nécessaires pour financer leurs “Orgs Idéales”.
Ceci explique pourquoi, les publics de chaque org sont désormais invités à faire des dons à leur «Org Idéale» locale plutôt que de payer leurs propres services ou leur propre pont.

 LRH dit dans l’HCO PL PL Org Ethics and Tech:
“DébarrasseZ vous de tout ce qui vous détourne de la Scientologie dans votre org, débarrassez-vous des ‘distractions’, Baby-sitting, billets de tombola et autres absurdités. “

 • Pourtant, ces distractions prolifèrent car elles sont utilisées pour les levées de fonds pour satisfaire les quotas énormes exigés pour financer l’”Org Idéale”.
«Si l’org s’effondre … ne vous engagez pas dans des levées de fonds» ou « ventes de cartes postales» ni n’empruntez de l’argent.  Il suffit de faire plus de revenus avec la Scientologie.
C’est un signe de très mauvais management que de chercher des solutions extraordinaires pour le financement en dehors de la Scientologie. Cela a toujours échoué. “
«Pour les orgs comme pour les PCs, ‘Résolvez-le avec la Scientologie».
“Chaque fois que j’ai moi-même cherché à résoudre des problèmes financiers ou personnels par d’autres moyens que la Scientologie, j’ai échoué. Donc, je peux vous dire par expérience que la solvabilité des orgs réside dans plus de Scientologie, pas dans des peignes brevetés ou des barbecues pour lever des fonds.”
 HCO PL 24 Février 1964, Issue II, Org Programmation, (OEC Vol. 7, p. 930)
Le point est que les Scientologues et les OTs ont besoin d’entraîner, auditer et de disséminer de nouveaux publics – non pas de se regger les uns les autres ou d’organiser des levées de fonds internes.
Out Tech:
• Au cours des dernières années, nous avons vu des centaines et des centaines de personnes valider leur état de  Clair par le CCRD développé par LRH, à qui on annonce maintenant qu’ils ne sont pas Clairs.
Cela incluait des centaines d’OTs qui ont ensuite été mis sur NED comme «maniement». LRH interdit clairement de parcourir toute Dianétique sur les OTs dans l’HCOB « Dianétique Interdite sur les OTs».
Ceci est out Tech.
COB RTC (COB = Chairman of Board : David Miscavige) a personnellement confectionné ce “maniement” technique qui a été appliqué sur des milliers d’OTs.
Mais ce n’était pas basé sur un HCOB de LRH, mais plutôt basé sur un C/S unique de LRH, sur un PreOT qui n’avait pas atteint l’état de Clair, mais avait été néanmoins mis sur OT III et n’y arrivait pas du tout.
LRH a donné des instructions pour un maniement en solo que le PreOT a dû faire pour atteindre lui-même l’état de Clair.
Ce C/S de LRH pris hors contexte a ensuite été utilisé pour mettre en œuvre un maniement technique qui était en violation directe d’un HCOB de LRH.
• Ceci ainsi que d’autres “maniements techniques” appliqués sur les auditeurs de Solo NOTs au niveau mondial leur a occasionné de grands frais et des difficultés, car ils devaient faire ces maniements pour continuer sur le niveau.
• Puis il y a les “grades rapides à Flag” qu’aucune autre org ne délivre.
Comment se peut-il que Flag ait pu délivrer les grades différemment du reste du monde dans les 3 dernières années ?
Quel que soit le problème, le fait est que d’avoir des «Grades rapides” à Flag crée une ligne de données cachées et c’est un Haut Crime et cela fait l’objet d’une lettre de règlement entière appelée «TECH dégrade» que LRH a placé au début de chaque cours de Scientologie.
• Plus récemment, la mode semble être que presque tout le monde a besoin de «refaire son Purif et de faire un long programme d’objectifs”, dont de nombreux auditeurs solo NOTs en plein milieu du niveau.
• Il n’ya rien de mal à faire des objectifs, mais c’est une violation claire de l’HCOB  ”MÉLANGE  DES RUNDOWNS ET DES RÉPARATIONS” qu’une personne au milieu d’un rundown ou d’un niveau d’OT en soit retirée et placée sur un programme d’objectifs.
De plus les auditeurs solo NOTs doivent également recevoir leurs procédés objectifs par un auditeur classe IX, au prix des intensives de NOTs, car ils ne sont pas autorisés à la co-audition.
Flag a ainsi fait plusieurs millions de dollars grâce à ces maniements out-tech ci-dessus énumérés parce que:
Les OTs au milieu de solo NOTs sont obligés de recevoir ces actions out-tech pour être en mesure de revenir et de rester sur le niveau et le compléter. Sans oublier les effets spirituels de l’out-tech que cela a sur chaque OT.
• J’ai été moi-même sujette à ces maniements out-tech, y compris un long FPRD au milieu de solo NOTs. Cela m’a couté à bien des égards, notamment au niveau physique car j’ai développé une maladie que je dois encore combattre aujourd’hui. J’ai donc une certaine réalité des dégâts que cela a causé.
Structure de commandement de LRH
• LRH nous a laissé avec une structure de commandement complexe et équilibrée, avec nos orgs dirigées par le Bureau international de l’ED.
Ce bureau a été jugé si important que LRH a créé un groupe de management spécial appelé le Comité Watch Dog (Comité de surveillance), dont le seul but était de veiller à ce que ce bureau et les autres entités de management nécessaires existent et continuent d’exister.
La LRH ED 339R parle de cela abondamment en tant qu’outil de protection de notre Eglise.
Mais ces personnes sont portées disparues.
Et pas quelques unes seulement.
Effectivement il y a quelques années, il n’y avait pas de membres du bureau de ED Int sur poste, ainsi qu’aucun tops execs dans toute la structure de Management International.
    Vous vous êtes peut être également demandé … où est Heber, le président de l’Église?
    Qu’en est-il de Ray Mitthoff, Senior C/S International, celui à qui LRH a personnellement donné les niveaux d’OT supérieurs?
    Et de  Norman Starkey, LRH Trustee?
    Qu’est-il arrivé à Guillaume – Directeur Exécutif International?
    Et Marc Yager, le président du WDC (Watch Dog Committee)?
    Qu’est-il arrivé aux autres dirigeants du Management International que vous avez vu lors des événements au fil des ans?
La vérité…
C’est que j’ai passé des semaines à travailler dans le bâtiment vide du Management International.
Vide car tout le monde avait été retiré de poste.
Au niveau supérieur de la hiérarchie, j’ai été briefé en détail par David Miscavige, qui m’a expliqué à quel point ils étaient tous mauvais et avaient tous commis des choses très très déshonorantes.
Cela semblait «expliquer» le fait que l’intégralité du Watch Dog Committee n’existait plus.
L’intégralité de l’Executive Strata, qui se composait de ED international et 11 autres top dirigeants internationaux, chacun en charge d’un domaine particulier, n’existait plus.
Le Commodore Messenger Org international n’existait plus.
Toutes ces structures de commandement clés de la Scientologie Internationale, mises en place par LRH, avaient été enlevées.
• Il y avait des centaines et des centaines de lettres restées sans réponse et des demandes d’aide du personnel des orgs, adressées à ces 11 tops executif  de l’Exec strata (dans la  LRH ED 339R, LRH explique que chaque membre du personnel pouvait écrire à ces tops cadres pour demander de l’aide.)
• Mais si vous enlevez tout le monde de poste il n’y aura personne pour répondre et aider les staff, pour obtenir des évaluations et des programmes pour l’expansion de la scientologie.
• Eh bien, après ça, j’ai réussi à rencontrer et passer des moments de qualité avec Heber, Ray Mithoff, Norman Starkey, Guillaume, ainsi que l’intégralité du Management international de l’époque. Ils étaient tous hors poste et faisaient de très longs et très durs programmes d’éthique.
• Ces programmes ont duré des années et ont eu pour seul résultat qu’ils sont toujours hors poste. On ne peut nier que ces top dirigeants ont tous progressivement disparu du paysage scientologique. Vous ne les voyez plus dans les grands événements ou au voyage inaugural sur le navire.
• David Miscavige est maintenant devenu le «leader» de la religion de Scientologie.
• Pourtant, ce que LRH avait laissé derrière lui était une énorme structure pour manager correctement tous les aspects de la religion de Scientologie.
• Il a mis sur pied toute une structure organisée complète et brillante, pas un individu unique.
• Il n’a jamais été censé y avoir un «leader» autre que LRH lui-même en tant que créateur de buts pour notre groupe.
• Il y a là un gros problème et même si vous n’avez pas fait partie du Management International, vous devriez être capable de voir que du sur-regging et de fréquents changements technologiques ne sont pas OK et vous avez la responsabilité de faire quelque chose pour faire en sorte que la Scientologie continue à fonctionner (KSW).
• Vous devriez être capable de trouver et de lire les références sur les memberships dans le volume 6 des OEC. Trouvez et lisez la HCO PL intitulée «L’Org Idéale» (Data Series 40).
• Trouvez et lisez les références sur les bâtiments des orgs, y compris HCO PL du 24 août 65 II, la propreté des locaux et le personnel, améliorer notre image. Ainsi que l’HCO PL du 17 Juin 69, L’Image de l’Org.
Si vous ne voulez pas faire de vagues, ou risquer de vous voir retiré du niveau d’audition ou vous voir refuser l’inégibilité aux niveaux d’OT, alors il y a des choses simples que vous pouvez faire:
D’abord et avant tout :
• Arrêtez de soutenir les actions qui sont off Policy (allant à l’encontre des lettres de règlement).
• Cessez de donner de l’argent pour autre chose que vos propres services et votre montée sur le Pont.
• Il vous suffit simplement d’exiger de voir une référence de LRH qui stipule que vous êtes tenu de faire de telles donations.
Personne ne sera capable de vous montrer une référence car il n’y en a pas.
• Arrêtez de soutenir toute activité de levée de fonds dans votre zone.
LRH dit ce qu’il attend d’un scientologue :
— C’est ce qu’il attend de vous. En fait il l’a écrit dans l’HCOB du 10 Juin 1960 Issue I, KSW Serie 33, Ce que nous attendons d’un scientologue. Lisez et appliquez le.
• L’autre chose que vous pouvez faire est d’envoyer ce mail à un maximum de personnes que vous le pouvez, même si vous le faites sous couvert d’anonymat.
• S’il vous plaît gardez ce courriel entre nous, les scientologues. Les médias n’ont pas leur place dans ce domaine.
Peut être vous demandez vous pourquoi je n’ai pas écrit de KR.
La réponse est : je l’ai fait. Mais il n’y a plus personne à qui envoyer ce KR.
• Mais vous pouvez et devez rédiger des rapports et rapportez ce qui est out et off-policy, aux dirigeants locaux et aux membres de la Sea Org.
Nous sommes un groupe fort et puissant et nous pouvons effectuer un changement. Nous avons affronté de nombreuses tempêtes. Je suis désolé d’être celle qui vous l’annonce, mais une nouvelle tempête est sur nous. Ses vagues sont déjà dans les médias et le monde qui nous entoure.
La vérité est que, en tant que Scientologue, vous êtes plus capable, plus perspicace et avez une plus grande intégrité. La Scientologie est censée vous faire «penser par vous-même» et vous amener à ne jamais compromettre votre propre intégrité. Et il ne fait aucun doute que LRH tient chaque Scientologue responsable pour faire que la Scientologie continue à fonctionner (KEEPING SCIENTOLOGY WORKING).
Je ne cherche pas à faire autre chose que de remédier à toutes les choses off Policy qui se produisent. Mon mari et moi avons une grande partie de notre famille et beaucoup beaucoup de bons amis qui sont Scientologues.
Je n’ai pas grand intérêt à fournir la corde pour me faire pendre. Cependant, je sais aussi que j’ai consacré toute ma vie d’adulte à soutenir LRH et l’application des technologies de LRH. Si jamais je devais regarder LRH dans les yeux, à moins de faire quelque chose maintenant, je ne pourrais pas lui dire que je fais tout mon possible pour faire que la Scientologie continue à fonctionner (KSW).
Nous avons tous à y gagner. Il n’est simplement pas possible de lire les références de LRH et ne pas voir les altérations et les violations qui se produisent journellement.
Vous avez une obligation très simple envers LRH. Ne pas participer à quoi que ce soit hors règlement, et faire savoir aux autres qu’ils ne le doivent pas non plus.
Si chaque personne qui lit ce mail n’avait rien fait d’autre que d’arrêter les actions qui sont hors règlement, nous aurions déjà changé de cap.
Si toute cette énergie était canalisée dans l’audition, l’entraînement et la dissémination du nouveau public, nous serions en train de gagner la partie.
Et c’est ce que je vous souhaite à vous et à nous tous, à l’aube de cette nouvelle année.
Debbie Cook

Debbie Cook Email – Traducciòn en Español

Debbie Cook`s Email

Estimado amigo,

Te estoy enviando un correo electrónico como una amiga y compañera Scientologist. Al entrar en un nuevo año, se espera que el 2012 pueda ser un año de gran diseminacion y un año de progreso real sobre El Puente para todos los Scientologist.

Aunque no estoy en la Sea Org en este momento, servì en la Organización del Mar en Flag durante 29 años. 17 de esos años fueron como Capitán de la Flag Service Organization. Soy un auditor entrenado y C / S, así como un OEC, FEBC y DSEC.

Estoy completamente dedicada a la tecnología de Dianética y Cienciología y las obras de L. Ronald Hubbard. He visto algunos de los resultados más sorprendentes y milagrosos en la aplicación de la tecnología de L. Ronald Hubbard y la absoluta certeza de que vale la pena luchar para mantenerla pura y sin adulterar.

Mi esposo y yo…

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Karen Black


August 7th update from Stephen, Karen‘s husband

A lot of people have been asking me what’s the latest with Karen, so here it is:

Last post I did was mid-June, we were in St. John’s Hospital in Santa Monica. A week later, everything the hospital could do for Karen had been done; bacterial infections & anemia handled, heart & lungs working – everything but the cancer itself. By the way, props to St John’s, a top notch hospital with a great staff of doctor’s and nurses.

Karen’s health continued to deteriorate at an alarming pace. She became bed-bound: the spreading cancer having eaten away part of a vertebra and nerves in her lower back. Her left leg stopped functioning. We could not go to Europe as we had hoped. It would have been almost impossible to travel to the airport. So we brought alternative treatments to her bedside. Hardly as effective as doing a full treatment in a clinic, but I firmly believe that these treatments have been keeping her alive. I can’t tell you how many times doctors and nurses have pulled me aside and told me that I better start hospice, as she was about to die. One doctor told me that he thought that Karen had only 24 hours to live when she arrive at St. Johns June 3rd, and yet here she is alive two months later.

The kind people at the Motion Picture Television Fund helped place her in a nursing facility, where she is now. The cancer is still spreading slowly and it takes its toll.

I have given up predicting what is going to happen to Karen. In June family members flew in fearing the worse, but Karen is still here. You look at the scans, they tell you one thing, then you meet Karen, and what you are left with is how amazingly alive she is. Maybe it’s her belief system, maybe it’s because she was never one to tune out with drugs in her life, but mostly it’s her innate character. She can’t help but take life head-on and be completely engaged in the moment, always interested, always curious, always present.
My daughter and I have both stopped working so that we can be by her side and we have hired someone to help as well. Thanks to your generous support through this process we can be there for her all the time. We are supplementing traditional medicine with all the alternative care we can afford. This would not have been possible without your generosity.

As a filmmaker I never remain idle, and have been filming this whole process from the beginning almost three years ago – it has been therapy for both Karen and myself, because after all, if cameras are rolling, it can’t be really serious, it’s just a movie, right? I hadn’t planned on doing anything with the footage, until a few weeks ago, Karen reached out to her old friend, Elliot Mintz. Elliot is considered a media guru who has offered advice to dozens of famous clients over the years including Karen. They spoke by phone about ways Karen could share her experience with others, in her own words, in her own way. I spoke with him about the many hours of film I had shot and within days, Elliot presented some ideas for us to consider.

On June 21st, Karen put on her make-up and her hair (chemo is not kind on hair) and had a heart to hear – a bedside talk with Elliot. They spoke for almost two hours. With my daughter shooting second camera in the tiny room, I filmed the deeply moving and candid conversation. Karen of course is very enthusiastic about finding the right platform for some kind of presentation. ‘You can take the girl outta showbiz…..’ so, we will see. It’s still a little raw for me, I’m not sure. It would be an interesting and moving journey to share with a truly unique and original spirit. We are both grateful to Elliot for his support and guidance (He is representing us pro bono).

So, that’s where things are as we begin August. I wish I had better news to report. But cancer seldom allows for that. Karen and I have received hundreds of messages from you. Your prayers and well wishes help sustain us. We remain eternally grateful for all the love you continue to share.


Life, the Universe and LRHs Bridge


By Lana M.

In the last week two OT VIII’s who have been active with the Church in Florida were declared suppressive. The story just grates hard on the nerves and good nature of Scientologists and Scientology.  This couple have a son, who had been declared SP as he had been in touch with, or failed to disconnect with someone, who had been in touch with Mike Rinder. They were then given the order to disconnect from their son. They refused.  Long story short, this last week they were declared Suppressive Persons and their daughter (and granddaughter) subsequently disconnected from her parents.

Now if this is hard to make sense of, that is not surprising. It is nuts.  Complete reverse Scientology and illogical.

But here is what I find even more fascinating…

The couple in question posted on Facebook what had occurred, giving a factual account of the sequence of…

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Discovering oneself

Life, the Universe and LRHs Bridge

spiritual being

By Lana M.

Delivery, outside of the Church of Scientology continues to build in Australia.

There are currently 3 people getting auditing daily and a growing waiting list of persons scheduled for service in future weeks and months.

Today we are thrilled to announce we had a NED for OTs completion, and here is his success story:

“The biggest win I have to date is the realization of who is in charge of ‘me’ and its not the ‘being’ or “whatever” that I have been led to believe these past eons of time.

“The certainty I have uncovered is that I am ‘me’ and I don’t need any permission from any other source to be ‘me’.

“Further — an earlier win was the unrestricted space I now command, which before was a nice possibility to have, and now is a fact.

“Thanks Ron and auditor Lana (and back up crew).”

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Good Black Cat Mojo Spell ( Humor)


  The Good  Black Cat Mojo brings magical and spiritual powers. It has been thought that the black cat helps enhance  telepathical connections and reads. The  Good Black Cat Mojo is the antinomian lucky black cat of the African-American sporting and gambling world. This black cat does double-duty as a representative of the black arts (including the granting of invisibility and the return of lost love) and as a bringer of  other lucks.

Here is what our Lucky Black Cat Mojo brought to us on 4th of July : We jiggled between some auditing, meeting some friends, Gathering some information, watching some watchers with our invisible powers and other lucks.

Our Good Black Cat Mojo wish you tons of luck and good fortune 🙂

Building reality using the OCA

Life, the Universe and LRHs Bridge

head in handsBy Mark Shreffler

The OCA is a critical tool  in the process of bridging the reality of what we have with what the prospect needs.

The OCA, though, is what happens AFTER a person has been Safe-Pointed.  The OCA means nothing to him and he will not reach for it unless the prior steps have been done effectively. These steps amount to the “PR runway.”

It can be as simple as a two-minute enlightenment step on a website, or as complex as a series of services leading up to a reach from the person to find out more about what is here based upon the wins he has had so far.

The first of these is where the OCA is used as a first-step contact point with the public.  If this is the case, the public approaches this profile as more of a curiosity or an interesting way to waste…

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The Church of Scientology snooping for Tech. Reviews (Humor)

The Church of Scientology is apparently a fan of Pierre’s Technical Reviews. We have documented a recent visit from the Church groupies below:

Date: 13.07.2013

Time: 23:39:46 ( Moscow time zone)


United States


Los Angeles

URL visited:…



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