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Few mementos taken on 4th of July

Note: We also use our mementos with the fancies of celebrities in our blog no matter how jealous and evil are the bad mouths of the Wolfs in Sheep’s Clothing who are viscous bashing and spread lies shaming only the product of  their own auditors . 🙂 . There is a lot of space for greedy , jealous and evil bashers in the Baobab’s forest next lifetime.


Strongly recommended to the Wolfs in Sheep’s Clothing and bashers

Good Black Cat Mojo Spell ( Humor)


  The Good  Black Cat Mojo brings magical and spiritual powers. It has been thought that the black cat helps enhance  telepathical connections and reads. The  Good Black Cat Mojo is the antinomian lucky black cat of the African-American sporting and gambling world. This black cat does double-duty as a representative of the black arts (including the granting of invisibility and the return of lost love) and as a bringer of  other lucks.

Here is what our Lucky Black Cat Mojo brought to us on 4th of July : We jiggled between some auditing, meeting some friends, Gathering some information, watching some watchers with our invisible powers and other lucks.

Our Good Black Cat Mojo wish you tons of luck and good fortune 🙂

In the mail

Hello Pierre,

Many months ago I have contacted you because I just got mad by loosing hope how to go up on the bridge without Cos…..

Also I was not in the best shape in my life, may be you remember….

Since than I have signed contract with a college in business management. I just wanted a new community in my life and also to start  “using”my mind again. And got a job too..

Successful. 🙂

I am always following your blog and today in the morning a “miracle ” happened…

One thought  has been crawling in my mind….. what is my purpose in my life ???


I understand if you do not know what you want to achieve in your life you are not going anyway and without purpose you are screwed…..

So . Yesterday I got 7 e mail by you and I started to read them……

I finished to read  in middle of the ” winning on the L 11 expanded ” article and I went to sleep with a thought… what should I do in my life… Today in the morning I got to a local mall to have a breakfast and a nice coffee, I continued reading that article….. And my mind blow….. your PC gave me an answer by his gains…. he said it does not matter what was the purpose earlier… what is important that what he want to set in the present time. Here & NOW!

When I read it again …. I just wanted to hit the concrete wall with my head like a bull. How could I be so nuts to decade  not to realize this???????

So thank you and to your PC and of course to Ron to make my day and maybe my future… :):)

For sure I want to be your PC soon as possible.

Best wishes



Thank you for your feedback. Thank you for sharing your experiences. We are glad that our blog  facilitated you into a positive realizations and helped you build stronger competence to face your current life situation, as well as becoming more self-generating, winning in life and moving towards  a higher spiritual quality life . We have become to realize that sharing thoughts and experiences in a way that opens up insights and possibilities i a new spiritual path and practical interactive life changes.



Other recommended reading:


By Victor Veritas

Dedicated to Pierre Ethier

The more present you are, the less stressful your day, the less you will see everything in your life as a problem. In fact you will start to see problems as opportunities. When you recognize that the invitation to presence is a necessity for betterment in your life, you will see everything in its physical form is inviting you into the present moment. Everything you can see, feel, taste and touch feels surrounding you as magic. Your thinking grows in enjoyable thoughts to reflect on happy and positive events. Being present can clear up your mind as an instrument of expression. What changes with presence is that you are no longer a victim of the unconscious never ending stream of destructive thoughts to self and others. Your mind is not longer imprisoned to see yourself as a victim and you become a part of a new winning reality of your life. Only by liberating yourself from being constantly held in the past we can awaken in present. Presence is the key. Why is presence not being thought at schools? Lets teach ourselves how to be present, how to be in right relationship with your environment, what to do with this little thing called an ego.

Pierre made himself available to me and thought me how to be present. I experienced accelerated healing and peaceful joy. I am forever grateful for this magnificent change in my life. The rewarding benefits were priceless. My message to you is that everyone on the planet has a choice and with every choice there are consequences to follow. You are within your power to choose to be present and live in present time. You are within your power to leave the past behind and move on to a better future. Free yourself from that habituated state of mind and the ego’s resistance.

Abuse, injustice, inequality, racism, prejudice, control and manipulation are caused by the human reactive mind. All those things get acted out and we need to remember where the true problem resides. It is within us to become truly present and awake. It is within us to recapture control of our lives and live in harmony.



Past, Present and Future Lives

Discovering the experiences in your past lives enhances your belief in yourself and gives truly new meaning of your existence. Knowing about your past helps you excel in present.

You may wonder if you have been here before, but what if you knew for certain that you really have lived many lives in the past? By searching the truth for yourself you can discover that death is actually only an illusion and that we all live forever. You really can recall your past life experiences to be able to get a better grasp of your present life. The root cause of many of the emotional problems and troubles that you are facing in the present moment resides in your past lives. Your relationships, occupation, health and economic status are all affected by what happened in your earlier life. The single recall and the memory of remembering who you used to be can generate a drastic effect on your present and future lives.

When undergoing normal therapy, the therapist only looks at traumas experienced in this life, therefore making it impossible to heal deep rooted emotional scars. Unless these emotional scars are dealt with and cleared they will just become worse the next time you incarnate. Now for the first time in many incarnations you may be able to put things right and drastically improve your lifestyle , generate wealth for yourself and others, increase your happiness and confidence , improve your health and well being, realize your full potential. You can let go of the emotions that are holding you back, stop the unconscious associations with poverty and misery, get release from phobias and emotional hang ups. You can experience the wonderful joy of emotional freedom and release from the regressive conditions.

Cloud Atlas

An exploration of how the actions of individual lives impact one another in the past, present and future, as one soul is shaped from a killer into a hero, and an act of kindness ripples across centuries to inspire a revolution. Everything is connected!

“Our lives are not our own. We are bound to others past and present  and by each crime and every kindness we birth our future.”


Building reality using the OCA

Life, the Universe and LRHs Bridge

head in handsBy Mark Shreffler

The OCA is a critical tool  in the process of bridging the reality of what we have with what the prospect needs.

The OCA, though, is what happens AFTER a person has been Safe-Pointed.  The OCA means nothing to him and he will not reach for it unless the prior steps have been done effectively. These steps amount to the “PR runway.”

It can be as simple as a two-minute enlightenment step on a website, or as complex as a series of services leading up to a reach from the person to find out more about what is here based upon the wins he has had so far.

The first of these is where the OCA is used as a first-step contact point with the public.  If this is the case, the public approaches this profile as more of a curiosity or an interesting way to waste…

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About this blog

Every day we are getting communication from people who are seeking the right path to spiritual enlightenment. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. We have been badly backlogged  but it is always nice to hear from you.

Hello Pierre,

 I want to thank you for all the info on your blog. It really has gotten me closer to confronting my own dynamics and wanting to go OT. I am going to continue reading your blog and frankly feel safe doing so knowing you have done so much and have a lot of experience with the tech. I have a ton of questions. I would be honoured if you would be a terminal for me in my quest for the truth. I have been a Scientologist since the late 60s.

 My Best,



Dear Pierre:

 I have followed your blog over the past year, having been affiliated with the church. It has been helpful and enlightening in many ways. I am a successful executive in Europe. I also work in the US and South America from time to time. I advanced in my auditing, and couple of years ago I desisted in my auditing as I had clear differences with the church. I underwent endless ethics sessions trying to fix the matter, saw many things in session, and yet, the situation did not change, reason for which I decided to go on with my life as the Way to Happiness preaches, rather than being forced to be something that I feel I should not. However, this radical disconnection from source is difficult as my spiritual goals remain stagnant for the time being. I am hesitating whether or not to go back to auditing in the church. I thank you for your efforts to heighten the values of this spiritual path. It has been soothing and helpful in understanding many points of confusion.

 Thank you,



Dear Mr. Ethier,

[Introduction]…..I became aware of Scientology in the 90-es and had life-changing win right away. Since then it has been over two decades of unsuccessful trying to achieve any progress or win despite my efforts, involvement and resources spent. In the last couple of years, as I could see within Scientology organizations I visited for help increasing outpoints which were in direct conflict with my purposes to achieve positive changes to my life. I felt indoctrinated and started to look for alternatives and data to explain what I saw in the Church. That is how I found your videos and your blog and that is how I decided to contact you. I don’t want to waste your time by writing long stories about my experience nor I would expect any technical opinions based on e-mail communication. To be perfectly honest, I don’t know really, what to do, it seems, after all I did and tried, I would need some expert handling that I believe I can get in the Church. Would it be possible to get some help and guidance from you?

Yours Sincerely



Hi Pierre,

A few years back, I hit a point where I was in need of some answers and became willing to communicate with anyone or anything to come up with some answers. I’ve found plenty of answer. I never knew how deep the rabbit hole went.

I’ve enjoyed your Web site, I enjoy your blog.



….Thank you for the link to Pierre’s blog !!!  I see weeks worth of reading and enlightenment and catching up .. After all these years. …..I am very encouraged after decades of hopelessness.  And I look forward to seeing Pierre again. It is so comforting to know that there is hope again for spiritual progress … and by such a friend and high caliber auditor as you Pierre!!!



……Please let me take this opportunity to offer my sincere validation for what you have done in Scientology, the expertise you developed, and the courage and toughness you’ve displayed by your long term involvement in Scientology and your decision to leave the formal organization, and publish your reasons for leaving and presenting your findings for the world to see.

With kindest regards,



Hello Pierre,

Many months ago I have contacted you because I just got mad by loosing hope how to go up on the bridge without Cos…..

Also I was not in the best shape in my life, may be you remember….

Since than I have signed contract with a college in business management. I just wanted a new community in my life and also to start  “using”my mind again. And got a job too..

Successful. 🙂

I am always following your blog and today in the morning a “miracle ” happened…

One thought  has been crawling in my mind….. what is my purpose in my life ???


I understand if you do not know what you want to achieve in your life you are not going anyway and without purpose you are screwed…..

So . Yesterday I got 7 e mail by you and I started to read them……

I finished to read  in middle of the ” winning on the L 11 expanded ” article and I went to sleep with a thought… what should I do in my life… Today in the morning I got to a local mall to have a breakfast and a nice coffee, I continued reading that article….. And my mind blow….. your PC gave me an answer by his gains…. he said it does not matter what was the purpose earlier… what is important that what he want to set in the present time. Here & NOW!

When I read it again …. I just wanted to hit the concrete wall with my head like a bull. How could I be so nuts to decade  not to realize this???????

So thank you and to your PC and of course to Ron to make my day and maybe my future… :):)

For sure I want to be your PC soon as possible.

Best wishes



Dear Pierre,

My husband and I are catching up on the history of the church. We learned so much from your website and especially your YouTube videos. Thanks for making them.

We stopped participating  after I received extremely vicious and destructive auditing. This was after seeing out point after out point for years. We only recently learned of the mass defections. Right now it looks like very few public are participating in services, since Leah Remini departed.

I would like to get that terrible cycle repaired sometime.

Thank you.



Dear Pierre,
Thank you for your great website.
I started in Scientology just after the GAT release. As years went by, we noticed more and more that things were not being done right and corrections were not being made. The events got stranger and stranger. The quality of public got worse and worse (status/power seekers, people looking for customers for their business). We got busy with our lives and did not continue, which we are thankful for.
I trained to Class IV and audited many hours on that and have read most of the NED and Grad V material. I loved auditing but the crazy cramming cycles and f’d up auditing I got myself ended it all. I am enjoying reading your technical criticism and those of other defectors.
I am afraid of a declare order. I’ve already been harassed with nutty orders. Even the IJC told me to get a Board of Review on an order that contained an opinion and generality and not one specific. Also, the org never sent me the order – I learned about it when friends saw it posted.
Truthfully, I’d prefer to write them a letter and tell them I’m disconnecting from David Miscavige & Co., but we have our lives to think about, you know? So many Scientologists in our area and it would be hard on everyone.
After getting spiritually raped in auditing as my last action, I decided I would NEVER get auditing again.
Thanks for your informative site and for having the courage to stand up to Miscavige so long ago.


When I was in my teens I decided that I would find the “meaning of life”. I have always known that I was a spiritual being. When I took biology in high school I remember getting angry when the teacher insisted that life was the result of evolution. I just knew that couldn’t be true.   I opened my mind and read many books – every topic from reincarnation to witchcraft. I even read the Bible and parts of the Koran. I also read many psychology and self-help books. And in college I devoured philosophy and religion classes.

But after so much searching I was rather disappointed. Occasionally, I found bits of information that I knew were true, but mostly I found theories that just didn’t make sense or that painted a very pessimistic picture of the human race.

One day I picked up a copy of Dianetics. I tore through it in a matter of days and I couldn’t put it down! It explained the real reason why people are unhappy and why they don’t get what they want in life. With my progressing up the spiritual path , I became so much happier, had more energy and enthusiasm for life, and my memory improved. It was a life changing experience.

I have a marriage many people would envy. I learned the tools of communication and how to make relationships work. My marriage NEVER would have happened otherwise. Best of all, I know that my life will continue to get better.


Bonjour Pierre!

A friend of mine gave me your name & I had your number. I want to thank your for that beautiful page of yours. I loved it, the music & all the things on your page. You have incredible affinity, even towards those who are not good towards you. You are a very theta being. I will like to be always in a theta situation & beingness, as you. When I leave this body too.. I will like to go through the upper bridge. I am postulating we can find all the unaltered versions of LRH tech. 🙂



Wins on L 11 Expanded

Reprinted from: http://isene.wordpress.com/2011/06/26/significant-change

“A few months ago I went to the end of civilization and had a profound change of viewpoint. I will always remember and always cherish that trip to Endesh, the village in northern Tanzania. It gave my viewpoints in life a real shaking.

But that just isn’t enough.

A change like that is great, yes, but it just can’t beat looking at my own fundamental viewpoints, purposes and flaws. A real and systematic look at myself. To become a better person, to regain my self.

That just happened.

In less than a week I have gone through a significant change. I found a very basic flaw in my character that has diminished my potential since a very long time – a flaw that has gotten me into trouble almost daily. Sometimes it would result in just small daily issues, small road bumps. Occasionally it would give me more serious problems. And I just tackled this flaw.

If that wasn’t enough, I also had a look at a very fundamental purpose of mine in a whole new light. I discovered why I have the ambitions I have and why it sometimes makes me go in wrong directions or sometimes in no direction at all. I understand why I do what I do.

Now these, to me, are significant changes. And they have come from some serious soul searching.

I haven’t had Scientology auditing since 2006 (when I attested to OT 8). In the past week, one of the best trained auditors in the world, Piere Ethier has been staying in our house giving me something really powerful called L11 (List 11). Like me, Pierre has left the Church of Scientology and gives counseling outside the reach of the Scientology Thought Police. For a mere fraction of the price charged in the CoS, I have gotten more than I could ask for, more significant change than I hoped for. Truly inspiring stuff.”

“So I completed L11 Expanded today (a Scientology counseling action)

L11 + Expanded is the most precise action I have ever done. And with the most direct results. Freakin’ awesome.

I have for a while been searching for “my basic purpose” in life. Now guess what – that is irrelevant. It doesn’t fucking matter. My purpose is whatever I decide it to be. Here & Now.

And I used to be affected or wounded or hurt by others to make others guilty of hurting me. A dirty trick that affected my (and others’) daily life. That’s now gone.

Past matters not.
What exists is here & now.
And my intentions paint the future.

Pierre Ethier is easily the best auditor (counselor) I have ever had (out of some 40-50 up through the years).

If you are still in the Church of Scientology wondering if there is any hope outside, well I can tell you this; This right here is the real deal. You may instead wonder if there is any hope inside the church. I know my own answer to that question, and that is why I left.”

PC was glowing after session

Note that Pierre’s reputation as Flag’s best auditor is verified by David Graham who was C/S at Flag’s case cracking section at the time. He posted his story on ESMB under his nom de plume ” Mate”.

bb [ Terril Park]

This one is simply amazing. The pc was glowing after session. a truly remarkable result:


I have been in Scientology for over 25 years. During that time I trained to Class V Interned in Milan. I have never been on staff.  I have been a rather successful businessman and always had gains in Scientology auditing and Rundowns until the year 2001, when for a reason that is a yet unclear to me, I was made to do 10 intensives of sec-check, mainly cleaning cleans, once spending 3 hours on a question that asked if I had been a member of the CIA, when I am an Italian  Citizen and my only trips to the United States have been to get auditing in Clearwater, Florida, at the Flag Land Base.  My auditors at Flag, when I told them I felt clean, were, while in session, intensely hostile to me. More than once when I was literally driven to despair and on the edge of bursting in a cry of despair, pursing what I felt was a false read, I was told by my Flag auditors, with contempt in their voice, to “knock it off”. and “fess off to the withold” I was made to redo Solo NOts all over again, when I felt there was nothing wrong with it. I was told that it was IMPOSSIBLE to get a blow or Ep of a process on that level unless I had a blowdown on each and every action. This is based on a confidential “Directive” blow anything written by David Miscavige that ”anyone who claims to get a blow or process EP on Solo NOTs without a full Blowdown is simply at the case level of “DUB-IN” and imagining things. When I politely queries that a non-LRH directive could not alter LRH written HCOBs, I was immediately routed to Ethics and told in unclear that questioning the validity of the writings of David Miscavige was in itself a suppressive act. I was sent back for more sec-checking. Each time I said I had an ARCX, a disagreement or even the few times I burst into tears, I was asked one question and one question only: “What withold has been missed”. I somehow managed to get through the wall of sec-checking and the redo of Solo NOTs, at a cost of more than 80,000 Euros, once I learned the valuable session that it is no longer safe to tell what one thinks in session, and the only other choice given to me by the Ethics officer, over unquestioning obedience was being declared a Supressive person and that each of my Scientology employees (more than a dozen of them) would be told to disconnect from a destructively as possible, the goal being apparently to make me bankrupt and destitute in the process. I redid OT VIII on the Freewinds. This was not a pleasant experience. Even the few times I was allowed to go on shore, I was being continually watched by my HCO Escort, in a manner that was reminiscent of the treatment given to Westerners when they visited and Iron Curtain country at the height of the Cold War..

I started to question within myself what level of Degradation Scientology had fell into…

In the 5 years since I “completed” OT VII and VIII for the second time, I found myself, for the first time in my life not doing well and in a state of apathy toward my life, my family and my business. The Church was no longer an answer. I went on the Internet, found the FreeZone and got a few sessions from a highly trained auditor. Though the sessions did not make me feeel worse, they did not resolve anything and I very soon sank into hopelessness.

I then found Pierre Ethier, an auditor who trained and interned at Flag as a Class XII auditor. Pierre Ethier was a legendary name at Flag in the 1980s and early 1990s, among us Italians (and among Mexicans and Spaniards as well, I am told). He had a reputed as the best auditor there was.

Not only did he audit the most hours of any auditor at Flag, every single pc who was ever audited by him had nothing but great wins and stories to tell.

I met Pierre at a sumptuous villa right on the shore of Lake Como. He did a short and to the point interview and then took 15 minutes to write what he said was a |
“tailor made program strictly based on the C/S Series”. The session was fantastic! It opened my eyes which had remained shut from years of suppression and out-tech! I was recognized and acknowledge for who I was.

That short 1/2 hour session was indeed TRUTH Revealed. I lost not only a huge mass from my shoulders, I feel 10 years younger. revitalized, bright. My future looks good again. It has been exactly one week since I had my session with Pierre, and I still feel great. For the first time in over 10 years, I found myself whistling just for the fun of it.

Pierre you have my eternal gratitude for what you have done. Of course my thanks to LRH, whose tech Pierre duplicated so well.



I have been so busy enjoying my wins and my life after my NOTs Review, that only now am I writing this belated success. Prior to my Review, I was concerned and introverted by some of the situations I have to face daily in my life and in my job. Since then, the exact opposite is true. Not a week goes by, without manifesting my increased skills and ability that just makes things go right. My heartfelt thanks go to my Case Supervisor, Class XII Pierre Ethier, and to my auditor. I have been so busy playing bigger and bigger games that I had overlooked thanking them appropriately until now. Through the years, I had actually become the adverse effect of a few unscrupulous business men. I had done several thousands of hours of unguided Solo NOTs auditing and was slowly going nowhere. Prior to my Review, I had experienced some wins and even a few occasional Floating TAs, but there was no change in my chronic conditions and in my life problems. Since then, as the months fly by, my gains each day appear completely stable. My games are each month bigger and bigger. I derive great satisfaction from it, and from a true return of my powers. It is even fun to watch those who acted until now Suppressively getting tired of failures and shrinking, and starting to change their ways. Needless to say there are significant material and monetary rewards as well…

My review was nothing but a complete standard application of the tech per the C/S Series. It blew any false datum I ever heard that incorrectly states that NOTs is either inflexible, robotic or does not address what someone needs and wants. A completely tailored NOTs approach cracked my case in hours. NOTs is actually the most flexible Technology in existence and can be made to very precisely tailor any case and anyone. Not only is my case cracked but my chronic breathing disorder is gone!!! In the hands of a true expert, NOTs, a Technology much maligned because of its obvious misapplication, actually perform miracles when done correctly by someone who is a true expert.

I will never be thankful enough.



“My experience of the Superpower RD was fantastic. Do I have new “superpowers?” Of course not. Do I feel more serene, capable, and causative? Yes. I am always happy getting auditing from Pierre. The TR’s are truly incredible and always feel completely understood and duplicated. It also interesting to note this week some incredible professional opportunities was presented to me. Feeling more authentic as a human being and also more aware of both my individuality as well as connection to the vastness of life. Authenticity and Individuality. Thank you to LRH for his genius.”


OT VIII Review

Dear Pierre,

I’m back in L.A. and noticing the results from the auditing you gave me. My wife told me that she noticed that I had no charge in my space. I notice that I laugh more now and am a lot more optimistic about the future. There are fewer stoops on my lines. I will start on a study schedule soon and am looking forward to starting up auditing again, which I will do after getting back from visiting my wife’s family over Christmas. I had a call from an old PC who wants me to start working with her and her husband on an admin scale. My friend also continues to be completely blown out after completing the Ls!
I gave your contact data to my brother, and he will contact you. My wife is excited about doing her L’s and starting on OT7 when you come here.
Someone today posted your write up about your Flag experience, and I read it. In that environment, the group is everything, and the individual nothing. Your account made it abundantly clear that if there is any single answer to surviving such a situation, it is keeping your own personal integrity in. If you can do that, you can land on your feet and do better than ever.
Again, thanks for everything, not just for the great sessions, but also for the generosity of your communications. The data that you give me and the questions that you answered were extremely helpful to me as well.

L 11 Completion

As someone who recently completed L 11 I can tell you that the results are all that they are cracked up to be.

I expected a wham bam sort of auditing but this was gentle and patient and just the right gradient. Yet it really dug deep and resulted in my feeling so much calmer and serene within myself yet exuberant also and feeling so much more up tone!

Pierre’s delivery of the Ls is spot on, done with excellent arc and with great guidance to exactly what needs to be handed for that individual.

Auditing on these levels is not about creating startling effects or floating out of the window.

It is about achieving more stability and awareness as a individual and about becoming a better person.

It is also very subjective. You can describe the wonders of a far off land to someone who has never been there but they will never appreciate the colors and beauty of it in quite the same way as you do, until they go there.


Success on OTVII

When Pierre asked if I would like to attest, I felt the burden of millions of years of enslavement finally lift from my shoulders. I am very excited to be me and only me. More than any other, I feel this level was a huge accomplishment for me because I have had OT abilities turning on. I am fascinated by the possibilities. I also feel a great satisfaction in that the level provided me an opportunity to help so many others.

I first became aware of Scientology in 1964. When I first read the DMSMH, it was a wakeup call. There was a way out. I was in college at the time but after I saw John McMasters (the first Clear) in Washington, DC at a seminar, I knew that I had to get involved. I dropped out of college and went to DC for processing and training. A couple years later I was in LA and became Clear 2866. Then I took a long break and got on with my life.

I went to Flag. The training and processing I received were great. But when I tried to get on the OT courses, I came up head to wall on my first block. Interestingly, it was not my case that was in question but that of my wife. She resented any changes the Church wanted her to make and I finally realized that I was not going to change her and concluded “why should I?” However, I was stuck. I sat in my hotel room for 3 weeks waiting for approval to continue but it became obvious I was not going to get it. That’s when I blew Flag.

I resolved to just purchase all the tapes and other materials I could get my hands on and spend the rest of my life studying Scientology. While purchasing books one of the sellers gave me a call. In chatting with him I learned of the Freezone where processing and training could be had outside the Church.

I was able to get a rebate on my unused monies in the CofS and then Ken Urquhart took me to OTV. It seemed that my wife was not a factor after all. Later I received the L’s from Pierre and did the OTVI course and then Pierre C/S’ed me through OTVII. It is interesting to note that I was able to take that refund which I had saved only to reach OTIII in the CofS and use it to pay for OTII through OTVII with the L’s thrown in as well.

It is now my intention to go to OT XV with Pierre. I look forward to what I know will be an exciting and very rewarding journey. My thanks to Ken Urquhart, and a very special thanks to Pierre Ethier. It is dedicated people like these two that keep Scientology working and there for the rest of us. It is comforting to know that there are Scientologists who still practice Standard Tech.


Success Story

First, I want to say that I value Pierre so much. He is a thetan of greatness, kindness, and many stories. I have been off the bridge for many years.
Pondering on what I could possibly handle in a weekend had me perplexed. But I knew I had to start somewhere. I thought maybe I was a lost cause.
It would seem that standardness of the tech is the cure.
Looking back over the weekend, it is now an amazement  of what I handled in just under 5 hours with Pierre.
Repaired, relieved, and certain, and looking forward to more.
For the first time in so long,  I am truly excited about doing my OT Levels and moving on up.
I now know for sure I am Clear.  This has been a very long time confusion for me, and I have attested and unattested several times.
I will not have to address the subject again.
I feel very fortunate.
Thank you Pierre (with lots of joy).



by Ruth Minshull

[Chapter 9: How To Choose Your People]

Covert: 1) Covered or covered over; sheltered. 2) concealed; hidden; secret. Hostile: 1) Of or pertaining to an enemy. 2) feeling or showing enmity; antagonistic.—American Heritage Dictionary

The main difficulty with a 1.1 is that he doesn’t wear a neon sign telling you he’s a 1.1.

It’s a cover-up tone—the most difficult one on the scale to recognize. After you do spot one, don’t expect the next 1.1 you meet to bear much resemblance.


He may be that hearty buffoon, “the life of the party.” She’s the inconspicuous little old maid down the street who never forgets your birthday. He could be the jovial, back-slapping salesman. The smooth con man. The witty, entertaining gossip columnist. The swaggering office Don Juan. She might be the smiling lady next door who knows all the delicious little stories about the neighbors. He’s the lover who is gay and tenderly passionate one minute and disdainfully sarcastic the next. He’s the clever imposter who passed himself off as a surgeon for fifteen years. He’s the gentle-mannered homosexual. Or that pleasant young man who “never said an unkind word to anyone” but was just convicted of seven hideous sex crimes. Or that newspaper reporter who appeared so friendly until his story (full of slimy innuendos) was in print. And here’s where we find that nice bank president who embezzled $100,000 and skipped off to Brazil with the belly dancer. He could be the sensitive poet, the suave millionaire or the charming vagrant who lives by his wits and hasn’t done a day’s work in twenty years.

Wherever he turns up, he’ll be in disguise. If you’re generous in character, you may be tempted to treat him leniently.


At 1.1 we find the emotion Ron Hubbard has described as “the most dangerous and wicked level on the tone scale.” (Science of Survival)

He’s halfway between Fear (which motivates his tone) and Anger (which he must conceal). His emotion dictates that he smile and put up a good front at all times since he “knows” he mustn’t ever become angry. At this position we find flagrant lying in order to avoid real communication. Such lying may be in the form of pretended agreement (“what a marvelous idea”), flattery (“that’s a darling dress, my dear”) or appeasement (“now don’t worry; I’ll take care of everything”).

The 1.1 constructs a false facade, an artificial personality. He’s the cheerful hypocrite.


You wont need enemies. You’d be better off as a recluse. Don’t trust him with your money, your reputation or your wife. He’s a person who hates but is unable to say he hates. He deals in treachery and expects to be forgiven. He’ll tell you he stood up for you when he actually did his best to destroy your reputation. He’ll flatter you quite insincerely while he waits for his moment to do you in. And he’ll find more ways of doing you in than I can possibly catalog in one chapter.

The 1.1 expects special privileges or exemptions, He’ll be the one most likely to assume that he can break the rules—of a marriage, a company, a group or society.

We often like the 1.1 at first because he pretends to be so high-tone. But eventually (unless we’re in Sympathy) we grow to despise him. Our loathing, however, is sometimes hard to explain because we can seldom pin down exactly what this doll is doing that’s so despicable.

While he’s arrogant, he’s such an accomplished actor that we may be deceived by his put-on of humility. Having command of all the tones below his, he uses them without conscience to convince us he’s harmless and means well. In this way, he manipulates people, always seeking hidden control. He may weep, plead, propitiate or sympathize; he may pose contempt or disdain. But through all the histrionics he is trying to nullify others to get them to the level where they can be used.

If you get mad at him, he usually drops to Propitiation (goes out of his way to do things for you or brings you gifts) or Grief (“I didn’t mean any harm . . . “) in order to worm his way back into your confidence. Count on him to know your soft spots and to play on them with consummate skill.


Here’s a fast way to peg a 1.1: he seeks to introvert you. This generally occurs in the first few seconds of meeting him. He’ll say, “You’ve gained some weight, haven’t you?” or “I can’t figure out why you look so different . . . ” On the phone, he may open the conversation with: “Your voice sounds funny; do you have a cold?” Under the guise of friendly concern, these remarks are meant to push your attention into yourself (and away from him). Soon you’ll be explaining yourself or worrying: “What’s the matter with me?”

On meeting, the 1.1 nearly always tries to speak first in order to grasp control of the conversation. If he gets his own darts in first, there is less chance for something to be thrown at him. I once introduced two 1.1 men to each other. As I did so, I wondered who would win the inevitable rush to get in the first word. Well, they both started talking at once, and they kept talking for at least a full minute, neither hearing a single word said by the other. They were well-matched.

Covert Hostility fills his conversation with small barbs, thinly veiled as compliments (“this cake is delicious, almost as good as anything you could buy in a store”). It’s a 1.1 who uttered the classic put-down:  “That’s such a lovely dress you’re wearing. I’ve admired it for years.”

He feels a continual nervous necessity to reject almost any remark. If you’re trying to make a sincere statement or present an upscale idea, he’ll query it, “I see what you mean, but. . .” He’ll helpfully correct your pronunciation and word choices (he’s the semantic fanatic), start picking lint off your shoulder, or interject a joke at your expense (usually with puns; he loves them). He uses any conceivable method of cutting your communication to ribbons. Of course (ha ha) he didn’t mean any harm. Just being friendly.


He lies when there’s no reason to lie. Facts are confused, twisted or hidden, while he noisily advertises his honesty, ethics and virtue. He may be giving you his “sacred word” while he wields his automatic knife-in-the-back trickery.

If you challenge his lies, he’ll probably tell you he was being “subtle.”


The high-tone person might play the role of spy and do it well (although he does not enjoy subterfuge). The 1.1, however, is a natural spy. If you want to make this fellow come to life, present him with an inviting situation that requires guile, cunning, deviousness or perversion. Give him a justification for window peeping, eavesdropping, snooping or secret investigating and he’s fully aware.

When there’s a straight course for doing something, the 1.1 won’t use it; it doesn’t occur to him. He’ll think of a devious method for doing the same thing. I once worked in an office where the 1.1 office manager forbade dumping ashtrays in the wastebaskets. I assumed this rule was motivated by fastidiousness (or a conscience about fire prevention) until I learned that every night he searched through all the wastebaskets before they were emptied (even piecing together torn bits of paper), so he could find out what was “really going on” in the office. He relished discovering some juicy secret in this manner. Of course, the word got around, so the staff started amusing themselves by planting all sorts of wild, fictitious scraps of “evidence” in with the discards.

Although 1.1 conceals his own motives and activities, he is strongly compelled to reveal secrets of others. This is the tone of the traitor and the subversive. Having no regard for privacy, he thrives on the chance to expose people (this is even more prevalent in the next tone: No Sympathy). The Covert Hostility who is having a “secret” love affair will do his best to see that evidence is left around so that people find out, especially where this creates trouble for his partner.

He’s a genius at extracting information from others. Several years ago I worked for a company on some secret research. Only three of us knew the nature of the project and none of us was an indiscriminate talker. Therefore, I was surprised one day, lunching with the switchboard operator, when she casually said, “Well, I understand you found . . . ” She was so nearly right that it was hard to believe she was only guessing. I denied any knowledge of the subject, so she said, “Oh, come on, don’t kid me. Everyone knows what you’re working on.” I realized later that she must have listened in on phone conversations for part of her information; the rest was conjecture.

Even the speculations of a 1.1 are done with a blatant pretense that he knows all; this way he frequently lures his unsuspecting victim into telling too much.


The 1.1 not only enjoys probing a mystery, he likes to create one. He can even use a knowing, enigmatic smile as a put-down. I once saw a 1.1 looking over the manuscript prepared by a friend of mine, while my friend eagerly awaited comments. When he finished, the 1.1 merely smiled slyly and said, “I’m reserving judgment on it. I’ll be thinking it over.”

This was an insidious blow to the author’s pride, but he recovered when I indicated the tone level of his would-be critic. A clever and vicious way to entrap a creative person—pin his attention in a mystery.

Implying hidden knowledge is a common device of the gossip. A person of higher tone may pass on news of mutual friends, but he tries to stay with facts. The 1.1, however, embellishes the facts with additives which sound true. “You know Joe and Phyllis are splitting up?” That may be a fact. But Mabel (the 1.1) will add:    “Just between you and me, it wouldn’t surprise me to hear that she was running around with Bill on the sly.”

Her knowing manner suggests that she’s certain of more facts than she’s telling.


The chronic gossip who enjoys shredding a reputation with half-truths, suppositions and speculations is a 1.1. You may meet her draped over the backyard fence; you’ll find him leaning on the office water cooler. It’s often the tone of the reporter, interviewer and talk show m.c.—the one who uses his charm to gain the confidence of the interviewee before he slices him up.

It requires stoic discipline to resist the sly questioning techniques of the 1.1.

Many years ago I moved into a flat and purchased the furniture of the former tenants. A short time later, the upstairs neighbour dropped in. “I see you bought their furniture,” she said.

I nodded and changed the subject. A few minutes later she brought the conversation back to the furniture: “I understand they were asking fifteen hundred dollars for it . . .

The statement hung in the air like a question, creating a perfect opportunity for me to correct or confirm her statement. Having met her kind before, however, I decided to out 1.1 her, so I simply murmured, “Really?” and changed the subject.


The 1.1 will jeopardize a business. He cunningly infects an entire office, turning people against each other and all of them against the company. He’s so covert that he’s nearly invisible as the source of bad news and general frustration in the environment.

Although he can do a job, and usually manages to appear hardworking, it’s often a bluff. Unable to tolerate being the effect of anyone, he evades by covert means. Ask him to do a job and he says, “Sure, I’ll be glad to do it,” but it never gets done. He pretends to take orders; but there’s no intention to follow through.


Covert Hostility is not responsible but he pretends to be. I went to a charming modern wedding out on the West Coast where there were no ushers. A 1.1 relative of the groom took it upon herself to stand at the door telling incoming guests: “Since apparently there aren’t to be any ushers, I guess you’ll just have to find your own seat.”

Speaking with acid emphasis, she appeared to be assuming responsibility; but her intent was destructive. Clearly, she wanted to make certain the guests knew this wedding was “improperly planned.” If a high-tone person noticed that arriving guests were confused (and I don’t think they were in this case), he might say, “Just take a seat wherever you like.” No vicious implications.


The 1.1 is so preoccupied with making an impression on people, his need for recognition puts him on stage all of the time. Never relaxing, he’s an actor, constantly studying his audience to see if everyone is impressed. It’s difficult for a 1.1 to be an audience for long.

In the classroom, he’s often the first person to pose a question after the lecture (he’ll interrupt if permitted):

“Professor, don’t you think. . .” He’s not interested in getting an answer; he merely wants to establish his brilliance. The question is posed for its effect.

Many 1.ls want attention so much they’re immune to embarrassment. I once knew one who dressed in the most outlandish clothes imaginable. He drifted around looking like a psychedelic bad trip and frequently bragged: “Everybody noticed me.” This same person relished any opportunity to make remarks designed to shock everyone in the room. There are other 1.1s, incidentally, who dress and speak most conservatively.

When he can’t get into the limelight himself, he fastens onto creative, successful people and works unceasingly to knock them downscale. We find 1.1s clustered around the perimeter of show business. He is often the nonperforming critic who seeks hidden control over some area of aesthetics so he can tell the talented person viciously destructive things “for your own good.”

When he fails to get close to the winners, he brags that he is anyway. He knows the big movie stars. The President asks his advice. He pretends he’s having love affairs with the most beautiful women.


Because of a strong compulsion to play the big shot, the 1.1 often connives his way to the higher echelons of business, politics, clubs or social groups. He’s a short-cutter, however, with such idle persistence that he’s rarely proficient in any line. Instead, he learns only enough to fake his way to an influential spot. He wants the applause without ever learning to dance.

He’s the dilettante who dabbles in music and gives it up. He studies painting for a month and loses interest. Too flighty to concentrate on a subject long enough to become accomplished, he prefers to make a cursory study after which he uses guile and chicanery to pass himself off as an expert.


All criminals fall below 2.0 on the scale (as long as they are still criminals) and a great many of them are 1.1s. Even when a Covert Hostility person is not actively breaking the law, he is unethical and dishonest.

He has a tendency toward suicidal actions; but he is actively seeking the death of his entire environment (“I guess I’ll succumb but maybe I’ll take you with me”). Here we have murder by slow erosion of individuals and culture, each harmful action slyly masked with lengthy reasoning. Here we find the people who most promote (and most enjoy) pornography. Here is the silky pimp who talks the young girl into becoming a prostitute. Here is the cagey pusher who convinces teenagers that they should “get with it,” and that drugs are harmless anyway.


He prefers to relay only the most malicious communication. Good news is quickly forgotten or deliberately suppressed. If you send a special bargain notice to a customer and there’s a 1.1 opening the mail, he’ll see that the notice never gets to the buyer in time. Covert Hostility people frequently position themselves where they can control incoming communications. This not only gratifies their snooping instincts, it permits hidden control.

One morning I observed a 1.1 handling a small business establishment for the absent owner. It was a busy day with customers, orders and inquiries constantly flowing in. An irate workman called; a foreman was not on the job and couldn’t be located. A few minutes later the owner phoned in. “Oh boy,” our dream girl reported with relish, “things are really a mess around here today . . .

She dwelled lengthily on the one “trouble” call, completely neglecting to mention all the good news and normal business.


He enjoys no real sense of humor, but at this tone we most often hear the compulsive laughter that burbles out when there is nothing at all amusing. We may be discussing the weather or the ball scores and the 1.1 will titter or chuckle meaninglessly. He laughs at a joke—probably longer than everyone else—but it’s not really funny to him. Nothing is.

I’ve known many 1.1s who were not practical jokers; but I’ve never known a practical joker who wasn’t a 1.1. They delight in making elaborate, secret preparations designed to fool, embarrass, expose, belittle or humiliate the victim. All in fun, of course.

The manager of a local insurance company told me of a time, early in his career, when he was transferred to an office in another state. Apparently some ethnic conviction caused people in that particular area to shun life insurance policies, although they would happily buy annuities. Unaware of this, our man spent two frustrating weeks trying to sell life insurance; but he failed completely. Bewildered and depressed, he described his experiences to the men in the office. Finally, they disclosed the secret of selling in that city. Permitting him to lose for awhile was part of the “initiation” for a new man. Although my friend failed to appreciate the joke, the 1.1 boys in the office considered it hilarious.

He acts amazed when you don’t laugh at his sly capers. If you get annoyed, he expects you to forgive his peccadilloes.


You could write a whole book on the sexual characteristics of the 1.1 (and many people have). Some of them are strait-laced to the point of prudishness and blatantly insist on morals for others. But also at this level we most frequently find promiscuity, perversion, sadism and every irregular practice. Strangely, the 1.1 doesn’t actually enjoy the sex act itself, but is hectically anxious about it. He’ll be the strong advocate of “free love.”

The excessively promiscuous person is nearly always a 1.1. His lack of persistence shows up in the inability to enjoy a long-term, meaningful relationship with one individual. He constantly seeks sexual pleasure through the new and different.

Such people are dangerous to a society because their kinky behaviour is contagious. Free love and promiscuity are danger signals which should be heeded if a race is to go forward. Such activities indicate a covert reversal of the sanctity of love and marriage. There are now so many publications devoted exclusively to advocating, encouraging and glamorizing promiscuity, that the upscale person may feel out-numbered. He begins to question his natural instinct for fidelity and constancy and wonders if he’s old-fashioned.

Today’s frank confrontation of problems related to abortion, birth control and enlightened sexual adjustment is much saner than the Victorian priggishness that clouded such issues for many years. However, harbingers of the “liberated age” (usually the 1.ls of the press and periodicals) would have us believe that this means anything goes. With glib irresponsibility, they report on man’s most debased activities and ignore the possibility that their own choice of “news” will be a corroding influence.

The 1.1 can be the sweetest-talking lover on the tone scale, but as a long-term partner, he’s most harmful. Very likely he’ll cheat and/or insidiously undermine his spouse’s confidence with all manner of subterfuge. He won’t be satisfied until his partner is reduced to Apathy and all dreams are gone.


The Church of Scientology snooping for Tech. Reviews (Humor)

The Church of Scientology is apparently a fan of Pierre’s Technical Reviews. We have documented a recent visit from the Church groupies below:

Date: 13.07.2013

Time: 23:39:46 ( Moscow time zone)


United States


Los Angeles

URL visited: http://pierreethier.wordpress.com/articles/availab…



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Viva Pan Am Games – Expect the Unexpected

What is the Two-Year Countdown?
TO2015, together with its corporate, government and municipal partners, is celebrating its two-year countdown on July 10, 2013—exactly 730 days until the TORONTO 2015 Pan Am/Parapan Am Games officially open.

On July 10, the Games footprint will be alive with Pan Am spirit!

Pan Am Games Vision

A life-affecting experience

  • Attract the best athletes
  • Build reliable operations and services
  • Celebrate Pan American culture and performance
  • Ensure an entertaining spectator experience
  • Integrate the Parapan American Games into the overall Games plan

Transforming Communities

  • Inspire children to participate in sport
  • Engage local communities to embrace the Games as their own
  • Celebrate and involve Toronto’s multicultural population
  • Connect the Pan American region through summits, conferences and workshops
  • Leave a Games legacy of sustainable excellence

Delivering on commitments

  • Build all Games infrastructure on time, on budget and in scope
  • Create a Toronto 2015 brand that inspires involvement
  • Enhance the outstanding legacy of previous Pan American Games hosts
  • Generate Games business revenue in excess of $150 million

Setting a benchmark

  • Delivering the best-ever experience for all athletes and participants

Pan Am Games Cultural Values


We celebrate the opportunity to be here. Inspire and be positive about what is possible. Dream Big. Have fun and affect those around you.


Toronto 2015 is much more than just a job. It is a once in a lifetime opportunity to positively affect a community, leave a legacy and grow in the process.


We make commitments and deliver. Hold yourself and others to this standard. Build trust by being reliable, trustworthy, and act with integrity


We have high social IQ. Bring out the best in those around you. Build respectful and authentic partnerships. Reach out to be inclusive and be passionate.


We focus on outcomes, not activities. Spend your time on the things that matter most. You have 5 years to make it happen.

Note: This is disability friendly web site.

Be a fan of Dignity

Special Olympics Canada 2014 Summer Games reaches one-year countdown

Special Olympics Canada 2014 Summer Games reaches one-year countdown milestone

Provincial Chef de Missions selected as teams begin qualifying process

July 8, 2013 (Vancouver, BC) –The 2014 Games Organizing Committee, together with the Province of British Columbia, athletes, volunteers and community partners are celebrating the one-year countdown to the Special Olympics Canada 2014 Summer Games taking place in Vancouver from July 8 to 12, 2014.  The 2014 Games will be the largest Special Olympics games held in Canada with the addition of three new sports, and an anticipated 2,000 athletes, coaches and officials from across the country gathering for the competition.

At the one-year milestone, the Chefs de Mission for each province and territory have now been selected to lead their respective teams in 2014. Across the country, qualifying provincial games are being held this summer to select teams for the 11 sports to be featured at the 2014 Games. Athletes will be competing in athletics, basketball, bocce, five- and ten-pin bowling, golf, powerlifting, rhythmic gymnastics, soccer, softball and swimming

“Canada’s 2014 Special Olympics Games promise to be an extraordinary experience for Canada athletes with intellectual disabilities and an exciting display of top-level competition and sport,” said Cathy Priestner Allinger, Chair of the Special Olympics Canada 2014 Summer Games.  “These will be the largest Special Olympics Canada Summer Games ever held and we are most grateful for the support we have received so far, particularly from the Province of British Columbia.”

“The Special Olympics movement and its athletes are an important reminder that sport has an incredible capacity to build communities, strengthen individuals and break through barriers,” said the Honourable Coralee Oakes, Minister of Community, Sport and Cultural Development, Province of British Columbia. “On behalf of the Province of British Columbia, we are pleased to support these games and look forward to welcoming these tremendous athletes from across Canada to our province.”

The Province of British Columbia, through the Ministry of Community, Sport and Cultural Development has committed $300,000 to the Special Olympics Canada 2014 Summer Games.

Note: This is disability friendly web site

In response to EVIL

Open letter:

Catherine Ethier

My quote of the day:

“Being mentally challenged is a disability but being EVIL is a choice!”

In response to Michelle Butcher – Sterling who wrote: “Pierre, some advice. Lose the crazy bi*ch …”

Preaching family destruction is EVIL! Promoting family disconnection is EVIL! It takes some real EVIL to split a family.

In regard to your continuous drama for many years now, I will reiterate that no one has ever been authorized to speak on my behalf , I have NEVER made any postings on your site. Although I am very flattered by your keen interest toward me  ( I recall one time when you, Michelle called me “a public figure” in a letter you wrote to your ISP), I want to firmly note that your own postings (which you often contribute to me) , your “snipplets”, other exerts out of context , “telepathic mind reading” realizations, alterations, misrepresentations and other assertions are only your personal fabrications and that of the members of your group.

 Thank you for generating traffic to my site. It has been dully noted!

I wish you well Michelle and always.


Note: Why Michelle Butcher (Ryan)- Sterling  is actually afraid to exchange 5 minutes direct communication with me but would spend couple of years in speculations and fabrications whining on various boards and plain misrepresenting matters of fact. For example Michelle’s claim that ” I have sent lawyers after her” is untrue.  I have NEVER hired a lawyer , in fact the lawyer’s letter sent to Michelle was from her business partner and ended with the phrase : “thank you for your business”. I was not sent a copy of it. Michelle went on and on and on by claiming that I have been “threatening her with lawyers” , “DMCA take down threat …” , ” Extortion” and so on fabrications. This is simply untrue! I  have asked Michelle to stop faigaming my child and remove false fabrications. Michelle if you have any questions would of been fair to ask me, not the various manipulated members of your board. How can this DRAMA go on for so long? Michelle, not even a word of what you are saying is to be believed! Daily drama and fabrications! Come on people , give me a break ! This amount of drama for being asked to remove the smear about a disabled child ?

Michelle wrote “Pierre, some advice. Lose the crazy bi*ch …”  – this is the Church of Scientology enemy line. Along with smearing disabled children, Michelle and Aida have partnered into what becomes a professional home and marriage wrecking. Michelle’s EVIL  line sounds very familiar. In actual fact it closely resembles the line of Barbro Wennberg . Barbro Wennberg is a staff at the Church of Scientology who aimed to split our family writing on my husband’s folder an order: “dump the bi*ch“. Let me tell you more about Barbro. Barbro was for  two days caretaker of Lisa McPherson. Along with others she  kept Lisa  confined in a hotel room and  did not take her to the hospital ( Link1  , Link2 , Link 3, Link 4) when needed. Lisa McPherson as you all know died.

My husband was 20 years Sea Org staff working at no pay as an auditor. My husband left the Church of Scientology after he was coerced to provide loans to parishioners for services at the Church of Scientology and coerced otherwise to  provide money directly to the Church. Those  were funds needed for his medical treatment and funds vital for a necessary follow up surgery. While on staff at the Church my husband  was in an accident that caused him a severe injury. He was hit by a drunk taxi driver . My husband spent several days in coma , his leg was surgically reconstructed and he was told he will never walk again. He walked but the loans he generously gave to parishioners for their benefit were never repaid, there were no money left for his medical treatment , he could not afford to pay for a required follow up surgery and this resulted in a DISABILITY FOR LIFE. For his kindness my husband had to cope with disability for life and was consistently ridiculed by associates of the Church, their allies and the manipulated by them crowds. There were numerous character assassination attacks carried out maliciously by publishing defamatory libelous  matters without lawful justification or excuse and only meant to injure the reputation of my husband and my family by exposing us to hatred, contempt and ridicule that was designed to insult us. This is criminal!

Also while working as a staff in the Church my husband sustained injuries and severe life threatening conditions. The last one I personally witnessed was treated by Dr. Minkoff ( also involved in the Lisa McPherson’s case). My husband was instructed by the MLO that the Church is not maintaining workers compensation insurance for their own employees and will not cover the treatment even if he was going to die. Workers compensation coverage for employees is mandatory regulatory requirement to cover employee treatment for injuries on the job. We have kept silent about this kind of abuse for many years now just to be abused even more.

You can make another drama, fabricate some more untrue statements , abuse me and my family some more. That is all you are about. I don’t care! More traffic to my site! Thank you.

enc. Copy of my server logs. Michelle Butcher / Ryan – Sterling is my best promoter:


My site stats went up thanks to Michelle. In addition the site visitors kept reading and reading. Very well done Michelle!


My response to the FreeZone PR Terril Park who has been calling me names:

 I would rather be a “Crazy Bi*ch”, than an EVIL Witch hosting as a FreeZone Party Special Guest of honor well known to her alleged  child molester and a FZ Class VIII ( refer to video below)  . Couple of years prior to hosting ” the matador” on her FreeZone party, Aida had told me that this FZ Class VIII is a “s*x pervert” .  Her own words. Few years after she went on to promote and PR the ” matador”  and FZ Class VIII who according to Aida was a harmful pervert. I would rather sound “crazy” than willingly to throw under the carpet corrupt practices, cover up  abuse and fairgame of children.

Terril Park is incapable to properly duplicate and any statements of his on my behalf are grossly distorted and unauthorized. We have received correspondence from a financial sponsor of his claiming to have ” hijacked his email” ( her own words) and using his email address and accounts. I will be more than happy to provide a copy upon request.


23028234293 24.06.2013 21:46:09 United States Nevada Las Vegas http://pierreethier.wordpress.com/pierre-ethier-cl…
23028234294 24.06.2013 21:46:00 United States Nevada Las Vegas http://pierreethier.wordpress.com/
23028234295 24.06.2013 21:45:54 United States Nevada Las Vegas http://pierreethier.wordpress.com/tag/rick-melrose…

Keeps coming , no kidding:

28.06.2013 11:52:37 United States Nevada Las Vegas http://pierreethier.wordpress.com/
28.06.2013 11:52:35 United States Nevada Las Vegas http://pierreethier.wordpress.com/

Interesting data logs:

27.06.2013 13:09:37 United States Florida Zephyrhills http://pierreethier.wordpress.com/tag/rick-melrose…
27.06.2013 05:07:22 United States Florida Zephyrhills http://pierreethier.wordpress.com/tag/rick-melrose…
27.06.2013 05:22:41 United States Florida Pinellas Park http://pierreethier.wordpress.com/2013/01/19/warni…

The Church A-E keeps checking:

28.06.2013 22:15:51 United States Florida Zephyrhills http://pierreethier.wordpress.com/tag/rick-melrose…
29.06.2013 22:41:19 United States Florida Zephyrhills http://pierreethier.wordpress.com/tag/rick-melrose…

But hey , here is a fixated person:

01.07.2013 16:45:28 Australia Victoria Melbourne http://pierreethier.wordpress.com/2013/03/31/comin…
29.06.2013 18:04:53 Australia Victoria Melbourne http://pierreethier.wordpress.com/tag/catherine-et…
29.06.2013 13:43:21 Australia Victoria Melbourne http://pierreethier.wordpress.com/tag/rick-melrose…
29.06.2013 05:48:58 Australia Victoria Melbourne http://pierreethier.wordpress.com/tag/rick-melrose…
29.06.2013 05:48:58 Australia Victoria Melbourne http://pierreethier.wordpress.com/tag/rick-melrose…

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Copy Cat Best Practices (Humor)


Thank you letter.

Thank you letter to Michelle Sterling and all ESMBers who became my Copy Cats. I have been frequently copied/pasted in their write ups and monologues when they generate wild rumors which shall not be believed.  All is old news distorted within the lenses of their own fabrications coupled with lots of DRAMA ! I get more attention than many celebrities in their respective fields. I get more attention than the COS because the COS is to big of a spoon for their mouths. Seems that some are very upset that the COS agents are unwelcome to my site but naturally they can feel free to entertain them on theirs. Sure make another huge traffic drama with petty wild derriere fixations!

The long term goal for ESMBers is to start properly to duplicate , which they hope to achieve within the next 30 years. I always postulate  speedy achievements.

I wish you well Michelle and as always many fascinating  achievements.


For extensive drama help see also the following links:

Link 1

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P.S Michelle , I have sincerely forgiven you now after you have admitted your selective memory lapses. Get some professional help. I wish you well. We all care and support each other after all…. and I love being right! Thank you for mentioning it. Felt really good!
Michelle Sterling wrote to me on FaceBook: “You are right. He’s not banned after all. I’d forgotten how he left. It’s all coming back to me now.”

XOXOXO & Hugs , Catherine

FB: Panda Termint “Insults? That’s kinda Last Resort isn’t it?”

FB: Panda Termint “Learn to converse without name calling and insults, that’ll do for today.” That’s a good one Panda, perhaps you can more broadly disseminate your message. We all shall care about each other.

Here is the story: Several years ago I asked my husband’s name to be removed from what appears to be COS owned smear web site. Along with that I asked to be removed an altered article contributed to my husband. Immediately the site owner wrote us that he/she will post the altered article elsewhere and so he/she did…. imagine where …. on ESMB.

Now I have been told many people got spammed with hate emails and doctored images of my husband. The very same contents, insults last resort and doctored images  are again distributed on ESMB. So if you get upset at spammers sending you juvenile unsolicited emails make sure you know where to look for them.


In this post on ESMB , Ian Sterling express the positive result from Pierre’s auditing of his now ex-wife. Ian Sterling says: “I would like to say that Mrs. T is currently doing the Ls with Pierre and is totally blown away. She is not one to get. carried away and overly enthusiastic about things. ” Further he goes on to say ” He does deliver what he promise.”

Ian-Sterling - Michelle Sterling

Freedoms and Human Rights

Freedom of association is a fundamental civil right, closely linked to the freedoms of expression and assembly, that is protected by all Human Rights international instruments, including article 20 of the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and article 21 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

What is the purpose of Freedom of Association?

It is a prerequisite for the development of NGO’s (including NGO’s promoting Human Rights), political parties and other groups, more generally, for a flourishing civil society. As such, Freedom of association constitutes an important indicator of the level of free thinking toward the democratic development. The right to associate facilitates and favours debates and plurality in a society, and association have an important role to fulfill as relays between citizens.

What does Freedom of Association cover?   

Freedom of Association does not only cover the right to join, to create or to quite any association, organization or company, regardless of its legal form; it also requires that the others refrains from interfering in the activities of associations and favours the development of an environment that is conducive to Freedom of association.

To be truly free , you should respect the freedoms of others.

Happy Canada Day 2013 – ” A day of unity , a day of coming together as families and as a nation”

I as a French-Canadian take massive amount of pride in both nations and on this day being the 1st July Canada Day I wish all my fellow Canadian friends HAPPY CANADA DAY!


Canada Day (French: Fête du Canada) is the national day of Canada, a federal statutory holiday celebrating the anniversary of the July 1, 1867, enactment of the British North America Act, 1867 (today called the Constitution Act, 1867, in Canada), which united three colonies into a single country called Canada within the British Empire.

Originally called Dominion Day (French: Le Jour de la Confédération), the name was changed in 1982, the year the Canada Act was passed. Canada Day observances take place throughout Canada as well as by Canadians internationally.

La fête du Canada (en anglais : Canada Day ; aussi appelée fête de la Confédération, fête de la Confédération canadienne, jour de la Confédération, fête nationale du Canada, ou jour du Dominion) est la fête nationale du Canada. Elle est célébrée le 1er juillet. Elle commémore la création de la Confédération canadienne par l’Acte de l’Amérique du Nord britannique, qui prit effet le 1er juillet 1867. Ce jour de congé fut établi en 1879 et était nommé le jour de la Confédération, puis fut ensuite renommé le jour du Dominion. Il fut changé après le rapatriement de la Constitution du Canada le 27 octobre 1982. Il concerne toutes les institutions fédérales. Des spectacles sont alors présentés, suivis d’un feu d’artifice.