Discovering oneself

Life, the Universe and LRHs Bridge

spiritual being

By Lana M.

Delivery, outside of the Church of Scientology continues to build in Australia.

There are currently 3 people getting auditing daily and a growing waiting list of persons scheduled for service in future weeks and months.

Today we are thrilled to announce we had a NED for OTs completion, and here is his success story:

“The biggest win I have to date is the realization of who is in charge of ‘me’ and its not the ‘being’ or “whatever” that I have been led to believe these past eons of time.

“The certainty I have uncovered is that I am ‘me’ and I don’t need any permission from any other source to be ‘me’.

“Further — an earlier win was the unrestricted space I now command, which before was a nice possibility to have, and now is a fact.

“Thanks Ron and auditor Lana (and back up crew).”

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One comment on “Discovering oneself

  1. I hope that would be expressed as The Infinite Being’s Causes and Causations, that most desired thing being the Spiritual Being who Has and is Being His Own Goal. I know this is the key to the higher As-isness of the Awareness of the Truth and the Big Being !!!! In this spiral of existence the realization of Time and Form in all the experience of events and position of ourselves with others with the understanding of the complete individual, is within us and granted to us from the source and focal point of enhancement ! Thank You for your Cause and your Advancement ! Enhancement to You Always ~

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