EVIL: Autistic Students Tortured with Electrical Shocks

This video shows addressing autism by Psychiatrists with “Court Ordered Treatment Plan” that is simply called TORTURE. This included shocking a teen aged boy 31 times with electrical shocks that are stronger than a police taser gun till the boy became permanently catatonic. The boy was strapped face down for 7 hours and subjected to electrical shocks till his flesh was burning. The teen boy was tortured for 7 hours because he did not remove his coat. This is 7 hours crying “Help, Help”, “ No , No”. Torture has become “medicine” in modern America.

2 comments on “EVIL: Autistic Students Tortured with Electrical Shocks

  1. . . .
    The American Nazi Criminal (ANC) behind this illegal and inhumane torture of children AGAINST their will is an american psychopath called Matthew L. Israel – he is the CEO of the criminal “Judge Rotenberg Educational Center” – that real human beings try to shut down . . .
    In Scientology we have learned that you have to go to the beginning of any incident, in order to have it resolved.
    After fighting against NAZI-Germany in the second world war – american leadership realized the NAZIS were way ahead in so called “science” – so they made 1.600 criminal NAZI-scientists into “American scientists” by illegally bringing them into the United States of America with FALSE identities and FALSE papers . . .
    This operation was called: “operation paperclip” – and became the mother of “modern” American philosophy as in secret murder, secret coups d’état, secret torture, and secret war – all controlled by the secret CIA that was created with secret NAZI-know-how in 1947.
    Bradley Manning, Susan Lindauer, Julian Assange & Edward Snowden have helped mankind greatly, to understand that there is a gigantic SECRET network in the US and abroad – which is not following any law – but is entirely criminal.
    This ULTRA-secret part of US-politics has completely taken over “official” politics.
    This secret CIA-community invaded Scientology in the 60’ies and jailed L.Ron Hubbard on the 3rd day of december 1972 in New York – only two month after CIA-agent and Scientology OT VII – Prof. Dr. Harold Puthoff had signed a secret contract with the CIA, that would open the door to the OT-technology to the CIA for spying.
    There is lots of confusion on what happened thereafter – but even Jesus was killed by his own government – so we play it safe over in Europe, and use the ORIGINAL LRH-TECH up to that day in 1972 – when LRH disappeared against his will with secret US-agencys . . .
    Any scientologist must take this SECRET part of politics into account, as it has become a vital part of life – even though the majority of people can NOT confront the facts – as any case-gain is dependent on truth, which in Scientology is called “AS-IS”.
    Understanding is the “universal solvent” as LRH called it – understanding ANY situation on this planet – can be greatly enhanced by lighting up the SECRET part to modern life and culture.

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