For the past 3 years, I have travelled across 5 continents, from Brazil to the Middle East, from California to South Africa, from England to Russia, to gather information, make contacts with people in the know and establish more accurately the truth.

The following series of articles and bulletins are the result of those meetings and interviews.

I went through great pains and personal expense to contact some of these people. Most wish to preserve their anonymity.

Because all the information was gathered at my own expense and as a result of my labours, I intend to release some or all of it, as I personally see fit, oblivious, as always to the slanderer, the denier, the extortionist or those who feel they are owed everything without the slightest exchange or contribution.

I have started to apply the unreleased technology to my pcs with astonishing results. Therefore, I feel motivated at this time to release it broadly, as I can find the time to do it.

What follows is a summary of data from handwritten, typed materials and taped recorded interviews.

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