Early Years This Lifetime

I was born and raised in Canada, majored in Pure Sciences (Physics and Mathematics) and always have had the highest Academic grades in the application of logic and deductive reasoning, which to this day I still consider to be my strongest intellectual skill.

While I did not particularly fare well at School in subjects such as History or Geography, which I regarded at the time in great part as the by-products of irrational human activities, and a number of facts and dates to merely memorize, I absolutely excelled at Analytical Geometry. In fact, I never had less than a perfect score in all exams I ever had on the subject, and never found a new Geometry problem or theorem that I was unable to resolve and prove completely on my own. I even recall, being called more than once to the blackboard at the request of the teacher, when he had forgotten the solution or embarrassingly discovered that his book did not contain the solution after he had started to explain it . I took great pride in those accomplishments.

Later on, I was very favourably impressed, by the discovery of the Scientology Axioms and Logics, where all subsequent rules, processes and applications are merely extensions, albeit convoluted and complex of those same fundamental axioms and Logics.

During my school years, I was always much more concerned about my intellectual development and achievements, contrary to most of my peers who judged others through their athletic (and later on, romantic) performance. On that point, LRH and I are clearly very different as I recall reading in one of his Biographies that he scored Lowest in Geometry and Highest in Physical Education. I scored the exact opposite: Highest in Geometry and Lowest in Physical Education.

I skipped Grade 5, due to exceptionally high Academic Grades. I went to one of the best Schools in Canada (I like to think it is so, since two of the six prime Ministers of Canada born in my province frequented it).Unfortunately I then became the target of older bullies who were content with “repeating grades”. Many were 3 or 4 years older than I. My Academic performance never recovered, a fact I understood only later when I became acquainted with the Mechanics of Suppression and PTSness.

I pursued my undergraduate studies in Pure Sciences, keeping my options open as I had not quite decided whether I wanted to become a Mathematician or a Physicist.

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