Advanced NOTs- Success Story

“I have been so busy enjoying my wins I am a bit late with this success story but despite my feeling that other problems might come and hit me and drive me a bit PTS the reverse is true. Each week that goes by I just notice more and more ability, intelligence and the OT ability to make things go right.

My C/S was Pierre Ethier. I,ve hardly had a chance to thank them as I play bigger and bigger games and seem to be running into powerful SPs that I can just get ethics in on and win!!!!My handling was mainly PTSness to unscrupulous business men. I’d had m/us on the bulletin and had done 5000 hours of solo getting nowhere except for the occasional floating TAs but no change in my life’s problems.

Over the months the gains have become more stable and the games bigger and bigger and more and more satisfying. Its good to watch an SP fail and shrink and start to behave more ethically! Needless to say there is some big money on the table and I intend to pick it

What amazes me is that it was run NOTs style being the style of my level but the C/S was tailored to my specific problems. I became so exterior and could be so at will that I thought it was time to end off!!!! As the emotion around these issues was in my right lung I always assumed my lung problem that kicks in in temperatures lower than 10 Celsius was psychosomatic and would go out in the 0 temperatures to test it…it always resulted in a lung infection and sometimes eeks house bound so I went abroad most winters and depleted my financial resources.

To my amazement I can now enjoy a morning frost without a hint of pain and stay in England to build up my financial reserves. I guess handling PTS ness with a Class 12 who exactly parallels the mind, making tailored C/Ses to deal with the interest level of the pre OT can produce what to me is a miracle.

He was 5 hours behind on the time zone yet his C/Ses were several steps ahead and exactly what I wanted handled was always the next C/S.Everything ran at my strong interest level and the results are as life changing as the first few hours of NOTS which I felt handled more in 10 minutes than the whole Bridge so far.

In the hands of an expert like Pierre miracles are just commonplace! Nots is a sophisticated flexible fabulous level with unlimited possibilities. I strongly advise a review to get the case and your life flying. Whatever really wants handling with strong interest can be handled. I am sure of it.


Victoria ”

Note: Victoria is a Sea Org trained auditor and was a commanding officer at Saint Hill

The college, Saint Hill Castle


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