Breakfast with Jason Beghe

By  Geir Isene

Jason Beghe is the most real person I’ve ever met. He speaks his mind without social filters or veneer, being totally honest with all his views – the bad and the good. Never have I met a person with such an ability to just be there and communicate and with such empathy and care for the other.

I had the pleasure of having breakfast with Jason. And lunch, and dinner, and walks, and chats on the porch. I find that most Scientologists in the church are wary about talking deep seated beliefs and views, emotions and what’s really real for them. Philosophical conversations on the tech without the need to cover up faults or avoid the bad is indeed rare for Scientologists in good standing with the church. Jason has non of that veneer, the superficial, the supposed to’s, the pretense that you will find with too many Scientologists. He’s the opposite of the cliché Hollywood personality. There’s nothing synthetic about Jason. And he’s as smart as anyone I’ve ever met.

Thank you Jason for the time we spent together. Truly enlightening. You’re a true friend.

About Pierre’s meeting with Jason:


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