As someone who recently completed L 11 I can tell you that the results are all that they are cracked up to be.

I expected a wham bam sort of auditing but this was gentle and patient and just the right gradient. Yet it really dug deep and resulted in my feeling so much calmer and serene within myself yet exuberant also and feeling so much more up tone!

Pierre’s delivery of the Ls is spot on, done with excellent arc and with great guidance to exactly what needs to be handed for that individual.

Auditing on these levels is not about creating startling effects or floating out of the window.

It is about achieving more stability and awareness as a individual and about becoming a better person.

It is also very subjective. You can describe the wonders of a far off land to someone who has never been there but they will never appreciate the colors and beauty of it in quite the same way as you do, until they go there.




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