Hatred and Violence promoted by the EVIL Church of Scientology

On a web site which outlines “success stories” in the Church of Scientology we can see also the following hate propaganda: a picture stolen from Pierre’s facebook . This stolen picture  was photoshopped on a  wanted poster with a bullet hole on it. It is delusion that one would spiritually progress in Scientology  by promoting violence and bullet holes with the image of a decent person. Pierre lost his left leg giving all his money to the Church of Scientology and now the very same Church fanatics want to kill him. It speaks volumes the amount of degradation of parishioners who lie for “success” where it does not exist but at the same time show their true colors and willingness to violate the law promoting hatred and violence. BE AWARE!


Picture stolen from Pierre’s facebook , photoshopped to promote violence 


Another fake photoshopped picture where a stolen picture from Pierre’s facebook in Easter Islands is fraudulently mounted with a picture of Italian man in uniform. Be aware FAKE! FAKE! FAKE! FAKE!


Some more pictures stolen from Pierre’s Facebook and used for hate propaganda by the Church of Scientology. 

Hating people is not a success! Hating is EVIL!




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